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regardless of who You are, what You do and/or what You believe.

I don’t want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship is recorded.”

Edward Snowden

Table of Contents:

  1. Human Nature.
  2. The Meaningful Bounderies of Privacy.
  3. Why 9OS came into being.
  4. Privacy is not a luxury, it’s a Necessity.
  5. Zero-Trace-Privacy as a Freedom Centered Philosphy.
  6. What can be stored will be stored.
  7. Freedom demands Privacy Protection.
  8. Only DNS is Real.
  9. The Realness of Mass-Surveillance.
  10. 9OS Privacy Protection explained.

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Mako The Engineer

I. Human Nature

Us vs Them Divide

Privacy is a limit on government power, as well as the power of private sector companies. The more someone knows about us, the more control they have over us.

Privacy… the first and foremost prerequisite for a Democratic Society to function in a Sustainable Manner.

The freedom of a country can only be measured by its respect for the rights of its citizens, and it’s my conviction that these rights are in fact limitations of state power that define exactly where and when a government may not infringe into that domain of personal or individual freedoms that during the American Revolution was called “liberty” and during the Internet Revolution is called “privacy.”

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

Privacy is about respecting individuals. If a person has a reasonable desire to keep something private, it is disrespectful to ignore that person’s wishes without a compelling reason to do so.


Surveillance Honeycomb Image

as a political and social instrument of control and repression

Facial Recognition Iris Scan

is not a phenomenon of The Information Age and/or the 21st-Century as such,

Cyborg AI Imprisonment

it can be traced back to an Era when Napoleon unleashed the terror machine of the failed French Revolution onto the whole of Europe on behalf of “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”, primarily as an excuse to consolidate his unnatural position as a brilliant Corsican outsider among those who’d survived Robespierre’s raging guillotines and Jean Paul Marat’s warm baths.

Separation of powers must be treated as the first and foremost foundation for a Society to attain Reason and Common Sense.


Two Surveillance Cameras Hovering over a Mass of People

has long since been a core-principle of societal terror and mental subjugation

Red Surveillance Camera

as instigated by Communism,

Rows of Subservient Eyes Aligned

while embraced by Fascism,

Red Runner Running Away

whilst brutally improved and perfected by Nazism.

Group of Prisoners behind Barbed Wire

Laws need NOT exist to make the job of law enforcement easier. Rather the opposite truth applies when it comes to the Rule of law within the bounderies of a Constitutional Democracy… laws make it harder, more difficult for law enforcement officials to do their job right. This isn’t a mere coincidence, bad policy or a bug, it’s a core feature of Democracy and Justice”.

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

Privacy enables people to manage their reputation as well as their social status. How we are judged by others affects our opportunities, friendships, and psychological well-being.

Without Privacy

there exists NO separation of powers,

without separation of powers there exists NO Democracy

Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded

Spy Globe Black Orb

it’s getting to the point where you don’t have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call, and then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made, every friend you’ve ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis, to sort of derive suspicion from an innocent life.”

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

Grim Threatening Image of Prison Hallway

With such illustrious fore-bearers, one would be inclined to draw the Rational Conclusion that mass-surveillance stands little or no chance to yield better results when deployed in the name of Capitalism.

II. The meaningfull bounderies of Privacy

People establish boundaries between oneanother in society.

These psychological and emotional boundaries are both necessary and mandatory in order to assure our thoughts and emotions find meaningfull expression in the presence of Others.

Mass-surveillance threatens these necessary boundaries because it does NOT recognize Human Individuality as such.

Big Data

Mass-surveillance designates a generic need for generic control as its main goal.

Surveillance Camera

The Human Individuals who make-up of “the mass” are of no immediate concern to “the controllers” other than in their utmost abstract representations (images, numbers, database-entries etc.), and as long as these utmost abstract representations can be controlled, there exists little need and/or moral incentive for these controllers to adopt a more desirable human-centered approach towards managing the Rule of Law.

Mass-surveillance strongly resembles Religious intent,

in that Religion divides Humanity into “believers” and “non-believers” trying to convert “non-believers” into “believers”, whereas mass-surveillance divides Humanity into “the surveilled” and “the unsurveilled” trying to convert “the unsurveilled” into “the surveilled”.

Facial Surveillance Matrix Flow

What makes mass-surveillance questionable, if not outright dangerous, is that it has little or no moral bounderies and thrives on the absence of moral consent, meaning its ability to dominate, dictate and control, encounters a much lower threshold to shift from good towards bad than other instruments of law enforcement would, if and when subjected to a prolongued period of insufficient and/or incompetent oversight.

Mask with one eye covered

Divorced from ethics, leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere technique.”

James Macgregor Burns

Shifting the Moral and Social Responsibility for Democracy from publically elected officials into the hands of unelected controllers who operate under a veil of generic secrecy is the moral equivalent of asking “Dexter” to babysit your children because he promises “to take good care of them“.

Democracy belongs under the ultimate control of publically elected officials, the supervision of independent judges and the commitment and positive intent of a law-abiding citizenry and the minute it is not, Democracy ceases to be alltogether…

Privacy helps protect our ability to associate with other people and engage in political activity.

A key component of the freedom of political association/assembly is the ability to do so in private and with privacy if one chooses. There is a reason why we protect Privacy at the ballot because of the just concern that failing to do so will prevent people from voting/expressing their true conscience.

World Wide Web

Privacy therefore, is both a basic Human Right, as well as a basic Democratic NECESSITY.

We’d do well to remember that at the end of the day, the law doesn’t defend us; we defend the law. And when it becomes contrary to our morals, we have both the right and the responsibility to rebalance it toward just ends.”

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

Zero-Trace-Privacy is as important to the long term survival of Trias Politica and Democracy in general, as separation of powers is crucial to the application of Justice and Rule of Law in particular.

Ultimately, if people lose their willingness to recognize that there are times in History when legality becomes distinct from Morality, we aren’t just ceding control of our rights to government, but our agency in determining our futures.”

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

Image of the Woke Movement

Without Zero-Trace-Privacy

Rule of Law becomes increasingly meaningless because there exists no more “Just Principle” to uphold and/or apply…

III. Why 9OS came into being


A good and precise way to metaphorically describe the major difference between people who use 9OS and those who don’t, would be to emphasize the major difference between a foot soldier entering combat with little more but wishful thinking VERSUS a well trained, well informed, well protected knight, dealing with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness on his own terms and according to his own standards.

I am a Scottish born Dutch based system-engineer and bash-coder with 10+ years experience who worked at several large companies, often as an IT-consultant responsible for implementing and securing the network, router and perimeter (“DMZ”) environment. One important task I always took upon myself was to meticulously “sniff” and analyze network traffic to look for potential security leaks, clear text passwords, security breaches, viruses, back-doors etc.

I started my career in IT as a Certified MCSE System Engineer but with a passion for Linux (Mandrake). When Mandrake ceased to exist as an independent distribution, I switched to Ubuntu and Suse before finally settling upon PCLinuxOS, which has been my favorite Linux distribution ever since.

What caught my attention time and again, this past decade, while analyzing network traffic and web browser traffic was the seemingly ever increasing level of highly intrusive cookie, ads and browser tracking, the ever increasing presence of 3rd party content delivery platforms enforcing 3rd party analysis tools upon unsuspecting users, the detrimental stealthy use of sophisticated browser fingerprinting technologies and the unlawful implementation of unwarranted bulk-data surveillance systems that seemed hellbent on reducing humanity to little more but database entries.

Privacy rights keep groups and companies from abusing personal data for their own political incentives and/or commercial gain.

One particular trend that seemed to take on rather grotesque dimensions would be “browser and software telemetry”, the built-in spying on users to “improve” the benefits of using such software products.

Big Brother - Internal Censorship

Technology doesn’t have a Hippocratic oath. So many decisions that have been made by technologists in academia, industry, the military, and government since at least the Industrial Revolution have been made on the basis of “can we,” not “should we.” And the intention driving a technology’s invention rarely, if ever, limits its application and use.”

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

I stopped liking/using Windows products and ended my career as an MCSE – certified Microsoft system engineer after witnessing the mandatory inclusion of “highly intrusive user telemetry” in Windows 10.

Privacy rights help ensure that those who steal and/or misuse personal data can be held accountable in a court of law.

I have been using Linux Distributions for more than ten years now but I couldn’t help wondering if it would be possible to reduce and/or block excessive unwarranted tracking/analysis/surveillance at the network/application layer and I decided to use my experience as an engineer to see if it could be done.

IV. Privacy is not a luxury, it’s a NECESSITY


Privacy is a positive emotional presence necessary for human beings to develop into who we are, to have and hold an identity which is not solely dictated by the social conditions that directly or indirectly influence our manner of thinking. Our ability to make decisions which more or less deviate from accepted moral and social standards, are directly influenced by the amount of Privacy we experience as human beings.

After thoroughly analyzing the surveillance/tracking/3rd-party analysis paradigm (from a user perspective) it dawned on me that all relevant aspects of the internet (from a user perspective) can be reduced to a single entity, that influences the behavior of all participants involved (once again from a user perspective), namely “DNS – traffic” and how the need for DNS name resolution within the network and application layer of the user – environment involved determines which network connections are valid and which network connections are to be discarded.

Privacy allows us to participate in a society of our choosing to which we can contribute a meaning of our own, whereas the absence of Privacy forces us to behave/become mere participants under the arbitrary influence of a 3rd-Party controller.

Row of Recruits

V. Zero-Trace-Privacy as a Freedom Centered Philosphy

9OS Zero-Trace-Privacy Philosophy can be broken down into three key components:

A negative assumption about (the absence of) privacy and why privacy should be protected:

  • What can be stored will be stored and will be used against you.

A mandatory prerogative as to why Privacy MUST be protected:

  • Freedom demands Privacy Protection.
Stop Spying

And a positive incentive as to the means by which Privacy can be protected (at a technical level):

  • Only DNS is real.
DNS-Query Explained in Detail

I was reminded of what is perhaps the most fundamental Truth about technological progress: if something can be done, it probably will be done, and possibly already has been.”

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

VI. What can be stored will be stored and will be used against you

hence NOTHING must be stored.

Zero-Trace-Privacy Logo

9OS counters the “lets-store-everything” Mantra of Mass-surveillance by storing NOTHING. It loads itself into RAM-memory from a RAM-drive and everything it stores/saves ONLY exists in RAM – memory and/or on a volatile RAM-drive. 9OS NEVER stores anything permanently, everything it does is subject to data volatility and disappears/disintegrates immediately if and when the device is shutdown and/or rebooted.

Ultimately, the critical flaw or design defect intentionally integrated into every system, in both politics and computing, is that the people who create the rules have no incentive to act against themselves.”

Edward Snowden, Permanent Record

VII. Freedom demands Privacy Protection

hence Privacy MUST be defended for Freedom to exist.

One of the MOST important Truths about Freedom was formulated centuries ago by a French Philosopher who asserted:

Every man having been born free and master of himself, no one else may under any pretext whatsoever subject him without his consent. To assert that the son of a slave is born a slave is to assert that he is not born a man.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


is an affront to Freedom in general and Democracy in particular because it enforces a generic application of technology onto a generic conceptualization of human beings, in effect declaring war on human beings for being Human… DEHUMANIZING Individuals without their consent and without a basic Respect/Regard for their Humanity.

Such a double negative incentive bares a grave resemblance with the immoral way slave-masters treated their slaves in ancient times.

To proclaim you “believe in Democracy” while deploying weapons of mass-surveillance targeting an innocent civilian populace without their knowledge and consent, is like witnessing Adolf Hitler proclaiming himself to be “a Man of Peace” (which he stated over and over again from 1933 to 1939) while preparing for War.

Mass-Surveillance is the antithesis of Democracy,

it is the exact opposite of what it means to BE a Democracy,

it is no different from confusing “Day” with “Night”, “Justice” with “Injustice”.

Surveillance Capitalism is NOT Democracy, NOR does it support and/or enhance the Democratic Ideal.

At best it tolerates Democracy, with an incriminating awareness of your online behavior and mobile phone content in one hand and a complete awareness of your social contacts and real-world whereabouts in the other, both to be used as the real-world-equivalent of a loaded gun as to threaten/target anyone who may object to the A-M-O-R-A-L proposition/nature of mass-surveillance as such.

Democracy DEMANDS Democratic Institutions built upon Reason, Common Sense and Transparency.

Democracy DEMANDS Independent Rule of Law.

Democracy DEMANDS Freedom of Speech and the Free Flow of Information.

Democracy DEMANDS Human Individuals be held accountable for their actions in a manner which is Equal-to-All.

Democracy CANNOT survive without ACCOUNTABILITY,

only obedience, servitude and submission can survive without


only Propaganda, Lies and Deceit can survive without


only Terror and Oppression can survive without


Privacy needs to be recognized both as a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT as well as a BASIC DEMOCRATIC NECESSITY in order for (a) Democracy to remain truly Democratic,

in order for a Society to achieve a Meaning that transcends the Value of the Human Individual(s) of which it is composed.

Barbwire with Camera

Without Privacy Freedom does NOT exist.

Bring Down The Hammer

Without Freedom Democracy is little more but an empty shell,

destined to be crushed by those who do not wish to be confronted by social dissent and/or differing moral opinions.

Now let us add another Fundamental Truth to our Zero-Trace-Privacy Freedom Centered Philosophy using (simplified) deductive reasoning:

  • Democracy demands Freedom,
  • Freedom demands Privacy,
  • hence Democracy demands Privacy.

Now let’s see if this DDP – premise (“Democracy Demands Privacy”) still holds when confronted by a more complex set of assumptions:

  • Without Freedom Democracy does NOT exist.
  • Freedom demands Privacy (Protection) for Freedom to exist.
  • Democracy demands Freedom be Present for Democracy to exist.
  • hence Democracy demands Privacy (Protection) be PRESENT in order for Democracy to exist.

The DDP – premise (“Democracy Demands Privacy”) seems to hold up nicely under more complex reasoning, so lets’ try another angle:

  • IF Freedom demands Privacy (Protection) in order to exist,
  • AND Democracy demands Freedom be present in order to exist,
  • THEN Democracy demands Privacy to be present in order to exist.

Democracy demands Privacy to be Present in order to exist.

This Fundamental Philosophical Truth and Undeniable Logical Premise regarding the Nature and Intent of the Democratic Ideal hence leads to the Inescapable Rational Conclusion that those who believe in Mass-Surveillance are in fact Opponents/Enemies of the Democratic Ideal.

Privacy is both a Basic Human Right, as well as a Basic Democratic NECESSITY

Without Privacy neither Freedom nor Democracy are Real.

Image of Hidden Hand Controlling a Puppet's Movement

On the surface Surveillance Capitalism may still bare the outward resemblance of a “Democracy” (albeit without Freedom and without Privacy) but when held against the light of Reason its core appears empty and dead,

Broken Multi-Colored Egg Shell

its subjugated consumers a bunch of mindless spineless jellyfish no different from German citizens joyful participation in Nazi-Spectacles, its dissidents imprisoned or dead, its governing structures representing little more but brutal violence and large-scale theft, always accompanied by an ever greater need to suppress Reason and Common sense.

What exists without Freedom, without Privacy, is a conditional 3rd-Party slave permit, subject to immediate revocation and arbitrary termination, to exist in a manner which “they” deem fit, a living Hell no different from Stalinism and/or Nazism, the only difference being its abundance of Material Goods and Possessions to comfort the body, while denying/ignoring/rejecting the Abyss of its Abhorrent Soul.

VIII. Only DNS is real

hence DNS must do ONLY what is necessary.

In 1999 one of the greatest movies ever made was released: The Matrix.

It portrays the moral and social struggle of a young hacker, Neo, who dares question the bounderies and realness of the World surrounding him.

What is the Matrix?

The Matrix is the ability of Mind to choose AND the subsequent manifestation of what has been chosen;

What is the Matrix

it is the existence of choice as such, expressed through deeds that relate to what either You choose to believe AND act upon and/or what Others have chosen to believe (and act upon).

Your ability to imagine alternatives towards what the Matrix is vs what the Matrix could/should be(come) is what makes you a conscious human being.

Neo defeated “Agent Smith’s” vision of a dark sinister Machine-controlled Machine-surveilled Matrix by assuming that only the bounderies of his own mind kept him enslaved, that the reality he believed to perceive could be transformed by changing his own perception of Reality as such.

In other words:

Neo believed Human Inidviduality and its ability to CHOOSE, to have a choice AND to act upon the chosen as such, to be of Greater Value and Significance than the perceived “realness” of the Matrix itself…

The Concept of Human Individuality and Privacy has been a societal struggle 2500 years in the making.

Unfortunately most of us never encounter a women as hot as “Trinity”, a friend as noble as “Morpheus” and an inner being as couragous as “Neo”. History shows that Human Nature is much closer to what the great Joe Pantoliano portraid as “Cypher” than the heroic messianic antics of “Neo”.

IX. The realness of mass-surveillance

Philosphy has spent thousands of Years debating “What is Real?”, so don’t expect an answer to that question anytime soon, but from an engeneering perspective the question of “the Matrix” and “the realness” of a “Machine-controlled Mass-surveillance Matrix” is much easier to answer:

“What can be measured, altered and/or improved is Real, what cannot be measured, altered and/or improved does not exist (once again from an engeneering perspective).

If we apply this (simplified) engineering concept of “realness” towards the societal threat of mass-surveillance as such we are faced with two startling challenges:

  • Mass-surveillance is a form of asymetrical warfare, which leaves the average individual with little or no knowledge/awareness of what is being measured, since most of it occurs under a veil of secrecy.
  • While the type of weaponry his/her opponent posesses prevents him/her from knowing/understanding what is being altered and/or what is being improved (if anything at all).

So what do I know to be “real” about mass-surveillance?

Mass-Surveillance - Trap

And how can I apply this “realness” – knowledge to counter the perceived threat of mass-surveillance?

I know they need to store stuff to make data appear “real”.

I know they need to analyze stored data to extract/build meaning.

I know they need to somehow be able to capture data in order for it to become stored and analyzed…

Hence, the key strategy for the average individual to prevent mass surveillance from overreaching its “realness” – intent thus consists of a three-fold defense strategy:

  • Prevent data from being stored so there is nothing to analyze (RAM-Only OS).
  • Prevent arbitrary communication (ads/tracking/surveillance) from connecting to 3rd-Party entities of whom the individual posesses no real knowledge with regards to “analytical” – intent. (DNS blacklist/whitelist)
  • Prevent anyone from learning your real IP-address to prevent slave-masters from revoking your 3rd-Party slave permit at will. (VPN/SSH/TOR)

…they are intent on making every conversation and every form of behavior in the world known to them.”

Edward Snowden

Since I have no means of assesing my opponents real strength I must therefore assume them to be omnipotent, which means I must (attempt to) block them completely.

The fun thing about the Internet (From a DNS-perspective) is that it is actually possible to block THE ENTIRE INTERNET by using the REVERSE LOGIC of a single dot (.).

Reverse Logic

The syntax of Domain Name System (DNS), is logically parsed from right to left, with DNS-clients assuming the first dot to be present (rather than to be visible). By preventing DNS-queries to move past this first dot there exist nothing more (to query) from a DNS-client perspective, hence it is possible to powerfully protect (your) DNS traffic (at the Application Layer) using a DNS whitelist while Blacklisting the entire internet as such.

X. 9OS Zero-Trace-Privacy explained

9OS extraordinary Zero-Trace-Privacy Footprint is achieved by offering an Easy-to-use RAM-ONLY-OS driven by a GUI-Environment focused on blocking Surveillance, preventing Telemetry and reducing Application Usage Tracking and DNS (Network) exposure to almost Zero (0).

Zero-Trace-Privacy Logo

9OS Client-side Network Protection consists of 10 (ten) pre-configured Firewall profiles, the ability to run RAM-based 6 (six) node TOR – network chains and the ability to completely control/dominate Client-side DNS (network) traffic, using a multi-source DNS protection strategy including:

  • Host profiles (host – level blocking).
  • DNSMasQ – profiles (DNS domain and subdomain – blocking).
  • Privoxy – profiles (domain, subdomain and generic DNS blocking).
  • The ability to Blacklist the Entire Internet (From a DNS-Client perspective).
  • Hosts-Offline-Modus (OFFLINE DNS Resolve).

9OS Server-Side Network Protection includes:

  • 11,200.000+ (Eleven Million Plus) Hosts – file dead-route protection.
  • 4,000.000+ (Four Million Plus Unique Domains) DNSMasQ Protection causing tens of Millions of Bad Subdomains to be intercepted/blocked before your DNS – traffic ever reaches the internet.
  • A sophisticated DNS “matcher-catcher” that dynamically blocks dangerous and/or harmful DNS – traffic based on syntax analysis, rather than the actual domain name(s) involved.
  • This DNS “matcher-catcher” syntax analyzer tool is the result of sniffing the network and browser traffic of 10,000+ websites and took over a year to complete and another year to test/improve/perfect until it became what it is today, a powerful shield at the DNS and network level, a seven-stop-roadblock between YOU and the internet, meaning that EVERY DNS-query originating from your client-environment is checked in SEVEN different ways BEFORE it is allowed to connect to the internet (“external DNS – servers”) to request name resolution; (3-different ways on the Client side and 4 different ways on the 9OS-PRO Server Back-end), meaning that up to 99+% of all ads/traffic/surveillance is either DISCARDED (“blackholed”) at the network layer OR blocked/intercepted at the application layer BEFORE your personal DNS-traffic ever reaches the internet, resulting in an extremely fast, extremely private, incredibly pleasant relaxed browser experience, with almost no ad/tracking/analysis-and/or-surveillance entities able to reach you BECAUSE your browser has no means/knowledge of how to communicate with these detrimental entities as such.

One more noteworthy benefit of using 9OS (from a Browser/Privacy – perspective) is that 9OS has a (client-side) “Ultra-Paranoid” Brave-Privoxy-TOR-modus that in effect BLOCKS the entire (DNS infrastructure of the) internet using a single dot (.). It comes with a pre-configured DNS-whitelist which allows controlled (in terms of necessity) access to the top 1000 most widely used websites but will block everything else (in terms of DNS – queries) UNTIL you MANUALLY approve/allow it (“whitelist it”), meaning that your browser environment is subjected to a DNS – protection/control mechanism which exercises complete and utter dominance over the entire internet (from a DNS client – perspective) in a manner which CANNOT be circumvented in any way/shape/form (from a browser/client/network – perspective) BECAUSE you only allow whitelisted DNS-traffic, rather than unsecured and uncontrolled DNS – traffic.

Naked Fool or Armored Knight


With 9OS by your side, the choice is yours to make…



the subliminal made Sublime…

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