9OS-DIY, the JOY of Freedom

9OS - Number 9 512

9OS-DIY is the minimal “Nerdy” Version of 9OS

9OS-DIY.2018 (Do-It-Yourself) offers a basic set of Applications and MDO-components with a narrow focus on providing Secure and Private Internet.

I. CDO / Cairo-Dock GUI Options 9OS-DIY.2018

Desktop Overview

CDO / Firewall Options

CDO / Privacy Options

CDO / Browser Profile Options

CDO / Social Options

CDO / Internet Options

CDO / Graphics Options

II. MDO / Menu Driven Options 9OS-DIY.2018

MDO / Google-Chrome Privacy Menu Options

MDO / Continual Cleaning Interval Menu Options

MDO / Cleaning Menu Option Part-I

MDO / Cleaning Menu Option Part-II

MDO / Display Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Display Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Firewall Menu Options

III. 9OS-DIY.2018 Pre-installed Applications

9OS-DIY.2018 k4.11.8

9OS-DIY.2018 k4.11.8

is Pre-configured as an IPv4-ONLY environment, but it can be made IPv6 aware if you DO-IT-YOURSELF.

9OS-DIY.2018 can be installed on a USB-stick with a size of 16GB or larger.

Due to its minimal RAM-drive usage (approximately 1.6 GB) 9OS-DIY.2018 can be used on hardware devices with 4GB of available RAM on the motherboard.

Contrary to 9OS-LITE.2018 and 9OS-PRO.2018, which both use an OFFLINE localized USB – repository for added Privacy and Security, 9OS-DIY.2018 uses an ONLINE repo called “repo.secpursang.nl” (without the “”), which is a socalled “frozen” repository, especially tailored to the needs of 9OS-DIY.2018 users.

9OS-DIY.2018 has the following preinstalled GUI-driven options:

  • 4 x pre-confgured GUI and Menu Driven Firewall – profiles
  • GUI – driven LITE and STRONG Privacy Support
  • Nine (9) pre-configured Browser Profiles
  • TOR 10.0
  • Brave 1.14 ( = Google Chrome 85.0)
  • Google Chrome 74.0 with Browser Fingerprint Protection
  • Opera 68.0
  • Vivaldi 3.0
  • Firefox 54.0
  • Franz
  • Slack
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Teamviewer 12
  • FFConvert
  • Gftp
  • Qbittorent
  • GIMP 2.8
  • GUI-driven Display Size Options
  • GUI-driven pre-configured Screensaver Environment
  • GUI-driven 300+ backgrounds (courtesy of www.pixabay.com).

IV. Download 9OS-DIY.2018


You can download 9OS-DIY.2018 k4.11.8 for free at:


Please vistit the link below for additional details/instructions on how to get started with 9OS-DIY.2018:

V. Why Linux is Cooler than the North pole itself

Following below are some links to increase your Historical knowledge and awareness of Linux, in order to make you appear ultra-cool among your dudes and dudettes, while boasting about your newly built ultra-fast USB-stick spitting words like “Torvald”, “kernel”, “Richard Stallman”, “GNU” and so on:









Linus Torvald quotes on why penguins don’t use Windows:

A computer is like air conditioning – it becomes useless once you open Windows...”

Microsoft isn’t evil, they just make really crappy operating systems.”

Linus Torvald quotes on why he is a truly exceptional engineer:

I am not a visionary. I’m an engineer. I’m happy with the people who are wandering around looking at the stars but I am looking at the ground and I want to fix the pothole before I fall in.”

Don’t ever make the mistake [of thinking] that you can design something better than what you get from ruthless massively parallel trial-and-error with a feedback cycle. That’s giving your intelligence way too much credit.”

Linus Torvald quotes on why he is such a joy to work with:

I like offending people, because I think people who get offended should be offended.

I’m a bastard. I have absolutely no clue why people can ever think otherwise. Yet they do. People think I’m a nice guy, and the fact is that I’m a scheming, conniving bastard who doesn’t care for any hurt feelings or lost hours of work if it just results in what I consider to be a better system. And I’m not just saying that. I’m really not a very nice person. I can say ‘I don’t care’ with a straight face, and really mean it.”

“No-one has ever called me a cool dude. I’m somewhere between geek and normal.”

Why Torvald is Cool and Linux is Cooler than the North pole itself:

9OS-DIY Logo

There are lots of Linux users who don’t care how the kernel works, but only want to use it. That is a tribute to how good Linux is.”

“The Linux philosophy is ‘Laugh in the face of danger’. Oops. Wrong One. ‘Do it yourself’. Yes, that’s it.”


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