Flavors of Freedom

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Flavors of Freedom, the bitter sweet taste of War and Peace

In The Year Of Our Lord 1314, Patriots Of Scotland, Starving And Outnumbered, Charged The Fields Of Bannockburn, They Fought Like Warrior Poets, They Fought Like Scotsman, And Won Their Freedom.



I. 9OS Flavors – Sour / Sassy / Sweet

  • 9OS-DIY => NO licensing required.
9OS-Flavors DIY Yellow
  • 9OS-LITE => Free for PERSONAL NON-Commercial use.
9OS-Flavors 9OS-LITE Green
  • 9OS-PRO => Intended for Use with 9OS Server Backend ONLY.
9OS-Flavors 9OS-Pro Orange

9OS is a Zero-Trace-Privacy RAM-Only OS – environment built and developed on top of PCLinuxOS with a strong emphasis on delivering advanced enhanced Privacy Protection for everyday users. We are NOT associated/aligned with PCLinuxOS in any way shape or form, but as independent coders/engineers we aim to enrich the work of the PCLinuxOS – community from a Security and Privacy perspective with a strong emphasis on RAM-based pre-installed and/or pre-configured GUI-driven and/or Menu-Driven Privacy and Security enhancements.

9OS is made available to the general public in three distinctly different Flavors:

II. 9OS-DIY / The Sour Taste of Do-It-Yourself

9OS-DIY => Open Release with no additional user restrictions. 9OS-DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is released under the GNU General Public License.

9OS-Flavors DIY The Hard Way

9OS-DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culminating in


is made available free-of-charge

and can be downloaded at


If you like and enjoy using “9OS-DIY” please consider making a donation to the PCLinuxOS developer/community. Please visit

for more details on how to support the work of the great Bill Reynolds without whom PCLinuxOS and the wonderful PCLinuxOS – community could/would not exist/thrive.

III. 9OS-LITE / The Sassy Taste of Vigilance

9OS-LITE => Intended for Personal NON-COMMERCIAL use ONLY. Due to its Privacy and Security enhancements 9OS-LITE is only available through the purchase of a pre-installed USB-stick.

9OS-Flavors 9OS-LITE The Funky Way

9OS-LITE culminating in


may NOT be copied, duplicated, cloned, multiplied, (re)distributed and/or commercially licenced/used without the explicit written permission/consent of SecPurSang.

9OS - Number 9 Dark Green 512

9OS-LITE does NOT include a paid VPN – subscription to our Server backend, but rather functions as a standalone Private Secure RAM-ONLY Client OS.

IV. 9OS-PRO / The Sweet Taste of Victory

9OS-PRO.2021 => Commercial Release with Copyright Restrictions, a custom built 99,9986+% Random Number Generator, a ONE-Year- VPN – subscription included and pre-installed. Due to its privacy and security enhancements 9OS-PRO.2021 is only available through the purchase of a pre-installed USB-stick.

9OS-PRO culminating in


and (future releases)


may NOT be copied, duplicated, cloned, multiplied, (re)distributed and/or commercially licenced/used without the explicit written permission/consent of SecPurSang.

9OS-PRO.2021 and 9OS-CORP.2021 ability to seamlessly and effortlessly use RAM-Based Dual Tier 8192 – bits Encrypted SIX(6)-Node Network Chains, further enhanced with a Dual VPN Kill Switch, Application Kill Switch and Auto-Firewalled Network Drop Protection, makes 9OS Highly Suitable for customers with a Professional need for Privacy, Security and Anonimity such as Journalists, Activists, Laywers, Doctors, Artists, Bloggers and so on.

(NOTE: We do NOT support BitTorrent – traffic and/or P2P – traffic via our 9OS-PRO Server Backed, only extremely Secure, extremely Private 1-node, 3-node, 4-node and 6-node Network Traffic (http/https and Socks5), Strengthened and Protected by Powerful RAM-Based Client/Server Zero-Trace-Privacy Enhancements.)

9OS-PRO.2021 is compatible with both IPv4 and IPv6 network environments. By default it will operate as a Hybrid IPv4-IPv6 OS.

Our VPN – service is a Certificate based Ultra-secure VPN – environment that requires NO password and/or further manual intervention/configuration on the user end. Like 9OS itself, it just works and does its job to the utmost of its capabilities.

We use anonymized (numerical) VPN – accounts that cannot be traced back to individual users and adhere to a strict 0-ZERO-log policy because we strongly believe that Privacy is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT worth fighting for. The /var/log – directory on our VPN – servers exists as an extremely small RAM-drive partition which fills itself up during the startup of the server. After our Servers are started this extremely small RAM-drive partition is overwritten every 60 seconds with randomized data, meaning that NOTHING can be written/stored to any log file whatsoever, making it impossible for us to store any type of data whatsoever.

Our Certificate server is an OFFLINE “airgapped” server that only connects to the Internet when new accounts need to be uploaded to the VPN – backend environment after which it disconnects itself and brings itself OFFLINE again.

All our servers use hard disk encryption with 48+ character password length passwords.

We do NOT keep any type of logs whatsoever, which is why we only allow one (1) VPN-connection per “9OS-PRO.2021/9OS-CORP PnP VPN USB – stick” purchased. This way there exists no practical need for us to monitor anything at all.

Please visit the link below to purchase the “9OS-PRO.2021 PnP VPN USB – stick” and/or “9OS-CORP.2021 PnP VPN USB – stick” with a One-Year-VPN-Subscription included and Pre-installed/Pre-configured on the USB-stick(s) involved.

The Magical Flavor of Scotland:

Statue of Robert the Bruce – King of Scots

Whiskey – The Burning Flavor of Scotland’s Soul

Bagpipes – The ferocious Flavor of Scotland’s Heart

The rugged Flavor of the North

The astounding Flavor of Solitude

The Mystical Flavor of the Coastal Region

The Mystical Flavor of the Coastal Region II

The Mystical Flavor of the Coastal Region III

The Beautiful Flavor of Scottish Lakes

The Beautiful Flavor of Scottish Lakes II

The River Clyde, close to where I was born…

Scotland the Brave

Magistrate: The prisoner wishes to say a word…



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the subliminal made Sublime…

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