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Why Democracy Demands Truth to be Present and Private

Table of Contents:

  1. Freedom / The Tesseract of Democracy.
  2. Freedom / But what about the Tesseract?
  3. Freedom / Truth… The Missing Wheel of Mass-Surveillance.
  4. Freedom / Privacy… but I don’t have anything to hide?
  5. Freedom / Personal Data, You being perceived as You.
  6. Freedom / Why the Curtains if you don’t need Privacy?
  7. Freedom / Why you need a Zero-Trace-Privacy OS.
  8. Freedom / Hard-disk drive versus a RAM-drive.
  9. Freedom / 9OS – FREEDOM OS.

I. Freedom / The Tesseract of Democracy

Aristotle is recorded as saying,

Anybody can become angry; that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way; that is not within everybody’s power and it is not easy.”

Imagine Democracy as a square with four distinctive sides:

  • Freedom of Thought
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of (the) Press

These four aspects of Democracy, can be (and should be) viewed from many different angles, but for argument’s sake we will look at them as properties belonging to the different lines that make up the square.

  1. A line representing Freedom of Thought
  2. A line representing Freedom of Speech
  3. A line representing Freedom of Assembly
  4. A line representing freedom of (the) Press

Following the above analogy, I can align and oppose elements within the square, but I cannot remove lines from the square without fundamentally altering its Shape and Composition.

Let’s say someone would decide to remove the line which represents “Freedom of the Press”, this would leave us with a Triangle consisting of:

  1. A line representing Freedom of Thought
  2. A line representing Freedom of Speech
  3. A line representing Freedom of Assembly

So we would still be able to talk and speak and assemble, hence exchange information, but nobody else would be allowed to know about it.

Or let’s imagine a scenario where someone would decide to remove the line which represents “Freedom of Assembly”, this would leave us with a Triangle consisting of:

  1. A line representing Freedom of Thought
  2. A line representing Freedom of Speech
  3. A line representing Freedom of Press

So we would still be able to think and speak and write freely about our thoughts and emotions but we would be forbidden to assemble in groups to discuss and/or exchange our thoughts, emotions and possible insights.

While the above two examples still contain some real-world relevance about what would happen if we decide to remove a certain line representing a certain aspect of the “square of Democracy” things get a little more weird, and a lot more uncomfortable, if we decide to remove the line which represents freedom of speech:

We would end up with a triangle consisting of:

  1. A line representing Freedom of Thought
  2. A line representing Freedom of Assembly
  3. A line representing Freedom of Press

So we would be allowed to think freely, assemble in Silence and write about nothing but the absence of freedom of information.

What should become clear by now is that a “Triangle of Democracy” is NOT the same as a “Square of Democracy”, and that removing a line which represents an important aspect of the “Square of Democracy” not only alters the Shape of the Square itself but also alters the Content of the Shape that remains.

Checksum - Albert Einstein

Despite Eintein’s rather cheeky interruption we will continue with our thought experiment of lines and properties representing certain aspects of Democracy and the Democratic Ideal.

A (one) three-sided triangle is NOT the same as a (one) four-sided Square, this is a proven scientific fact, so anyone who tries to sell you and/or tries to tell you that a single three-sided triangle is the same as a single four-sided square is either ignorant, irrational, delusional or a liar.

If you would like to disagree with the above proposition because “you feel” it is incorrect, or maybe a little mean… that would place you within one of the aforementioned categories but let’s assume we’re among reasonable people attempting to have a reasonable discussion about Rational insights.

Being of a like minded Nature as the original founders of Democracy, Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, we would like Democracy to represent something more than just a flat square, we would like to discover the meta-properties of Democracy which allow the “Square-of-Democracy” to be transformed into a “Cube-of-Democracy” if such a thing were possible,

for a Cube not only possesses a Shape but because of its Multi-Dimensional-Structure can also have and hold Content beyond its outward surface,

a Cube therefore can Contain Something Within Itself beyond the mere surface of its outward appearance/structure.

If we take a critical look at the “Square-of-Democracy” and the different lines/properties of Democracy it represents, one overriding aspect becomes immediately clear,

ALL properties of the “Square-of-Democracy” start with the word “Freedom“,

so “Freedom” it seems should not only be associated with and/or limited to a single aspect of a single line, Freedom is attached to every property of every line that represents the “Square-of-Democracy”,

Freedom it would seem, has a property, a value, that all lines share, and need to posses, in order to be a part of the “Square-of-Democracy”.

Without Freedom the “Square of Democracy” cannot exist because no lines/properties would be able/suited to represent its composition.

So “Freedom” would seem a likely candidate for a meta-property likely to “breath life” into the flat “Square-of-Democracy” because each of the lines of the “Square-of-Democracy” require that Freedom exists.


  • Freedom: the first meta-property of the “Meaningful Cube of Democracy” would be Freedom because the “Square-of-Democracy” CANNOT exist without Freedom being an integral part of each line.

Now let’s return to our original four lines:

We have a line representing Freedom of Thought
We have a line representing Freedom of Speech
We have a line representing Freedom of Assembly
We have a line representing Freedom of (the) Press

With Freedom being the First-and-Foremost Meta-property in order for Democracy to be(come) Meaningful, finding/establishing the second meta-property might not be so obvious.

Should we focus on Freedom of Thought or Freedom of Speech? Should we focus on Security versus Liberty? Should we focus on Justice versus Liberty? What about the Role of the Press in a Free Democracy?

If we look at Democracy as a mere “system of representation”,

what characteristic(s) allow Democracy to be perceived as “special” or “desirable” when compared to other “systems of Representation” such as a dictatorship and/or an autocracy?

  • A Democracy tends to represent the needs of the many whereas a Dictatorship and/or Autocracy tends to prioritize the needs of the “happy” few.

So a “good” property of Democracy would appear to be its ability to “take the needs of the many into account” and to formulate an adequate response to these needs based on the will of the majority of the People rather than the People having to endure the fickleness and fear of a state apparatus consigned to enforce dictatorial decisions made by a small elite.


Democracy is “Good”, or at least Better than other systems of (non-)representation, because it tends to cater to the needs of the many rather than to uphold the Fear and Fickleness instilled by the Few.

Within a Democracy the Moral Authority of the “system of representation” is vested in the People (at least in Theory…), who express their needs, desires and opinions by participating in reoccurring freely held elections, whereas in other Forms of (non-)Representation there exists neither Freedom nor Freely Held Elections.


Democracy is “Good” because it allows People to Freely participate in decision making processes, both State-wise and Election-wise, thus granting the People a say in their own future.

the key aspect of that Democratic process being that both the Majority and the Minority are equally entitled to make their wishes, desires and opinions known, and that the winner of the election, more or less, takes the wishes, desires and opinions of both the Majority AND the Minority into account, albeit in varying degrees.

But how does the Majority become aware that it has wishes, opinions and desires that differ from the Minority?

The Majority becomes aware of itself as a Majority as such because it can compare what it says, thinks and does with what other people say, think and do.

Freedom of Information and the Free Exchange of Information are Key aspects of a Healthy Democratic Ideal and an absolute NECESSITY for Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Speech to develop and blossom.

But what if everyone thought the same thing and/or spoke the same words?

Would Freedom of Information be meaningful? Would the free exchange of information really matter or even be necessary, if their only existed one type or information, or a very limited range of information, that could and/or needed to be exchanged?

Maybe we should look at this question from yet another dififferent angle;

While many would agree to the premise that Freedom of Information and the Right to Freely Exchange Information would likely lead to more AND more diverse information being exchanged,

the type and quality of information itself,

while being more chaotic and complex, need not necessarily be of a much better quality than in a scenario where one or more limitations towards the exchange of said aforementioned information would apply.

To put it in other words,

Freedom of information most likely will lead to more AND more diverse information becoming available but it may not necessarily lead to the availability of a Better quality information. One is reminded of the vast amount of garbage that is shared and spread throughout (online) social media networks on a daily basis, to prove the validity of this latter argument.


the Availability and Diversity of Information increase the likeliness of a Better quality of information emerging as people get to pick-and-choose and start to apply their own standards towards the information that becomes available to them.


it seems we have found our second meta-property of Democracy:

Diversity of information encourages the ability of people to “pick-and-choose” a Better quality of available information according to their own standards.

Without diversity of information there exists little or no comparative mechanism/standard to establish the Quality of information, hence Diversity of Information is a NECESSARY prerequisite for Quality of Information (QOI) to emerge.

But wait…

IF and WHEN Diversity of Information plays a key role in the emerge and establishment of Quality Information, how does Diversity of Information come about?

What then are the necessary Moral and Social Conditions that would allow Diversity of Information to emerge and ensue?

Freedom… and… People differing from one another in terms of needs, opinions and desires, each evoking a different angle of approach with regards to the Social Enigma of the Majority and the Minority, two Mythical Entities always ready to trade positions if circumstances see it fit.

People differ from one another for a variety of reasons, be it biological (man/woman), (gay/straight), be it emotional (psychopathic/non-psychopathic), (artistic/non-artistic), (autistic, non-autistic), be it sexual (more sexually attractive/less sexually attractive), be it racial ethnicity (skin color, tribal traditions) and so on.

Maybe the very presence of choice itself should therefor be considered an even more important factor in establishing the second meta-property of Democracy rather than just trying to establish the need for Diversity of information as a prerequisite for Quality of Information because the presence of choice itself, the Perception of Choice, the Right to exercise one’s Natural Right to choose and therefor make decisions that differ from what other People think and believe, is to a large degree what makes us unique as conscious human beings.

The fact that we are conscious of our ability to choose and that we are conscious of decisions made by other people is to a large degree what makes us conscious human beings.

So choice and diversity of information seem to relate to social awareness of my surroundings as a human being meaning that I am both human because of what I choose and because of what others have chosen for me


the focus of discovering the second meta-property of Democracy shifts from Freedom of Information, to Diversity of Information, to Choice, to being a Human Individual.

Becoming a Multi-Faceted Open-Minded Human Being requires having broad access to a Diversity of Quality Information but above all requires nurturing and cultivating a Social and Emotional Surrounding in which People feel comfortable and secure while formulating their own unique differentiating opinions, discussing what is right and discarding what is wrong.

A Human Being requires Privacy to become a Human Individual


  • Privacy, it would seem, is the second Meta-property of Democracy, a property that relates to many different aspects of the Democratic Ideal as such, but particularly relates to the fact that a Human Being requires Privacy to become a Human Individual while Democracy itself requires Human Individuals to be Present in order for Human Individuals as Social Beings to exchange information Freely in a Meaningful Diversified Context.

What kind of Human Individual a Human Being with Privacy may turn out to be is bound to many different aspects of the Human Experience but the very fact that he is a Human Being who considers himself/herself to be a Human Individual can only be contributed to the fact that He/She is able to perceive himself/herself in a Private Manner, separate from what other people think and/or proclaim he/she is when approached and/or witnessed from within a surrounding which strongly adheres to conformity and obedience.

Freedom and Privacy therefore are the meta-properties of the “Square-of-Democracy”

which help transform the “Square-of-Democracy” into a “meaningful Cube of Democracy”, a Cube able to have and hold a Deeper Human Truth and a more Elevated Spiritual Conception of the Human Experience as such,

More Humane,

More Just,

More Rational,

and more Enlightened

than other systems of governance/representation could hope to achieve. This is what makes Democracy “Special” among other systems of (non-)representation and that is what makes Democracy, as the bravest among us have so often proclaimed, worth dying for.

II. Freedom / But what about the Tesseract?

Tesseract of Democracy 512

Good question!

What about the Tesseract?

Spying and information gathering have always been a known part of human relationships and human interaction, albeit with a much less omniscient presence than today’s mass-surveillance.

“In geometry, the tesseract is the four-dimensional analogue of the cube; the tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. Just as the surface of the cube consists of six square faces, the hypersurface of the tesseract consists of eight cubical cells. The tesseract is one of the six convex regular 4-polytopes.”

Source: Wikipedia

If we look at Democracy as a square with two Meta-properties, Freedom and Privacy, and we define “the Tesseract” as a structure enveloping the “Meaningful Cube of Democracy” — capable of having and holding a Higher more Profound Meaning than the lines and squares from which it is derived — the Tesseract is what? Mass-Surveillance?

Should Democracy allow Mass-Surveillance to become its Tesseract, the all encompassing Judge and Jury of its Moral and Social Composition?

Orwellian Eye - 512

Should Democracy allow Mass-Surveillance to govern, and therefore possibly crush, its Lively Ancient Spirit?

While these questions are not as easy to answer as one might expect, for security has an important role to play in Modern Day Society, the question may become easier to answer if we look past the immediate security concerns of those tasked by the People to provide them with adequate security as such.

What ought to be considered a Public Dominion of Greater Importance to the long term well-being of Democracy as such:




Should Democracy be enveloped by a veil of Secrecy in order to… uh.. um…well.. uh… TERRORISTS!!!


Statue of Liberty

Should Freedom be considered a necessary prerequisite for Democracy to exist?

While security is certainly an important aspect of Democracy — to pretend otherwise would be rather foolish and naive — too much Security, would probably be much more disastrous to the Future of the Democratic Ideal than “too much Freedom”.

While too much Freedom is known to lead to boredom, sloppiness, narcissism, corruption, substance abuse and/or extreme sexual indulgence, too little freedom is known to lead to something much worse… State Sanctioned Fear, Violence, Intimidation, Arbitrary Imprisonment and even Murder.

Too little Freedom inevitable leads to Fear, Intimidation, Violence, Oppression, Arbitrary Imprisonment and State Sanctioned Murder, and as we have been able to Witness not so long ago… in its most extreme manifestation even a Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler, Nazi Dictator Morally Responsible for the Holocaust

Too little Freedom it seems should therefore be considered of a much more detrimental Nature to the long-term well-being of Democracy than too much Freedom…

History has proven excessive state surveillance, combined with Fear, Violence and Intimidation, to be a recipe for Disaster, and when this Disaster does occur, it has a tendency to degrade/destroy much of what is known as “the Civilized World” in its pathway.

Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler, Head of the SS, the Politicized Warrior Elite of the Third Reich.

Nazi Germany should serve as a prime example of what happens when a Civilized People become enraptured by Violence, while enveloped by a Tesseract of State Security Services,

Reinhard Heydrich, head of the RSHA, the Feared Executioner of the Third Reich.

with the Law supporting Tyranny, and the State itself being subjected to a Deeply Distorted Amoral Leadership who believed themselves justified in exterminating anyone who stood in their way.

Heinrich Muller
Heinrich Muller, the Cold Ruthlessly Efficient Head of the Gestapo, responsible for rounding up Jews all throughout Europe.

A man without Ethics is a beast loosed upon the World.”

Albert Camus

Adolf Eichman
Adolf Eichman, the Murderous Bureaucrat and Head of Jewish Affairs for the RSHA, responsible for transporting Jews to their final destination, the Nazi Extermination Camps.

Those who believe in Mass-Surveillance attempt to defend their desire to enforce security through Mass-Surveillance, from the Perspective that somehow the “Meaningful Cube of Democracy” is Really only a flat square,

which may be true from their narrow security based perspective but certainly is NOT the way most People would view The World and Democracy as such (including Writers, Poets, Journalists and so on),

that somehow you should be able to remove its two most important meta-properties,

Freedom and Privacy,

while pretending/proclaiming that what remains will still somehow be able to represent that same “Meaningful Cube of Democracy”,


as we have learned by comparing the “Square of Democracy” with a “Triangle of Democracy”,

without Freedom and Privacy,

the “Meaningful Cube of Democracy” becomes flat and remains flat because without Freedom and Privacy it’s only just a square.

The “Square-of-Democracy” is only a shadow of the “Meaningful-Cube-of-Democracy” IF and WHEN the “Meaningful-Cube-of- Democracy” becomes enveloped by a Tesseract of State Security Services, IF and WHEN too much (emphasis upon) Security becomes the overriding norm.

State Security should ALWAYS be held subservient and accountable to the Legal Principle of Proportionality, for the minute it is not its enveloping shadow, its Tesseract towards the “Meaningful-Cube-of-Democracy” will begin to Darken and Weaken the Democratic Ideal upuntil the “Meaningful-Cube-of-Democracy” collapses under its substantial weight, allowing for nothing but a Cold Impersonal Shadow to occupy its soulless remains.


Freedom and the NECESSITY for Freedom to be Present,

Privacy and the NECESSITY for Privacy to be Present,

must ALWAYS supersede the need for Security to be Present,

for without Freedom and Privacy P-R-E-S-E-N-T, Democracy amounts to little more but a dark soulless square.

Morality is not the doctrine of how we make ourselves happy, but how me make ourselves worthy of happines.”

Immanual Kant

III. Freedom / Truth… The Missing Wheel of Mass Surveillance

1984 - Fearful Intimidation

Let’s try another more basic analogy:

Mass-Surveillance to Democracy is like removing a wheel from your car and attempting to sell that car as a four-wheel drive.

You might still be able to convince people that your car has four wheels, with a tire iron in your hand or by showing them only the side which still has two wheels attached to it, but anyone who takes the time to inspect the vehicle from all sides will clearly notice that you’re lying, and that what you attempt to sell as a four-wheel drive really only has three wheels attached to it, the pretense of the fourth imaginary wheel being upheld by an unspoken threat of intimidation and violence towards anyone willing to object to the fact that a necessary part is missing.

ZTP => Zero-Trace-Privacy

as a Freedom-Centered-Democratic-Philosophy can be understood by the following ten premises:

Tesseract of Democracy 512

The Ten Commandments of MCOD

How to Defend Democracy in an era of Mass-Surveillance:

  1. What can be stored will be stored and will be used against you.
  2. Freedom demands Privacy Protection.
  3. Democracy demands Freedom-be-Present for Truth to exist.
  4. Privacy is both a Basic Human Right, as well as a Basic Democratic NECESSITY.
  5. More Freedom is ALWAYS BETTER than Less Freedom.
  6. A Square is not a Cube is not a Tesseract.
  7. A Meaningfull-Cube-Of-Democracy (“MCOD“) contains both Freedom and Privacy.
  8. The Legal Principle of Proportionality MUST be Applied to Mass Surveillance in Order to Defend the Surface of MCOD.
  9. Strict Privacy Laws Must be Enacted and Applied to Defend the Content of MCOD.
  10. For Democracy to exist as a Tesseract of Truth, Personal Freedom MUST be Present AND Private.

ZTP => Zero-Trace-Privacy because Freedom needs to be Real.

ZTP Zero-Trace-Privacy

Privacy is key for freedom of thought to emerge and exist. A condescending eye over everything we read/watch/do will hinder and stiffle us in exploring ideas and experiences outside of the mainstream.

IV. Freedom / Zero-Trace-Privacy?

but I don’t have anything to hide…

Artistic Impression of Edward Snowden

“Ultimately, saying that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say. Or that you don’t care about freedom of the press because you don’t like to read. Or that you don’t care about freedom of religion because you don’t believe in God. Or that you don’t care about the freedom to peaceably assemble because you’re a lazy, antisocial agoraphobe.”

Source: Edward Snowden in Permanent Record

V. Freedom / Personal Data – You Being Perceived as You

Personal data is essential to so many decisions made about us, from whether we get a loan, a license or a job to our personal and professional reputations. Personal data is used to determine whether we are investigated by the government, or searched at the airport, or denied the ability to fly. Indeed, personal data affects nearly everything, including what messages and content we see on the Internet. Without having knowledge of what data is being used, how it is being used, the ability to correct and amend it, we are virtually helpless in today’s world.”

Source: www.teachprivacy.com

Mass Surveillance Impression

VI. Freedom / Why the curtains if you don’t need Privacy?

“The primary reason for window curtains in our house, is to stop people from being able to see in.

Multi-Faceted Big Brother Eye

The reason we don’t want them to see in is because we consider much of what we do inside our homes to be Private.

Eye Spying through Keyhole

Whether that be having dinner at the table, watching a movie with your kids, or even engaging in intimate or sexual acts with your partner.

Eavesdropping against Red Wall

None of these things are illegal by any means but even knowing this, we still keep the curtains and blinds on our windows. We clearly have this strong desire for Privacy when it comes to our personal life.”

Source: Joshua in The Crypto Paper

VII. Freedom / The Tactical Advantages of Using a Zero-Trace-Privacy OS

  • YOU determine what THEY may store about YOU.
  • YOU determine what THEY may know about YOU.
  • YOU determine what THEY may think about YOU.
  • YOU control how YOU wish to be treated as a human being.
  • YOU control how YOU wish to be perceived as a social being.
  • YOU are and will remain the master of YOUR own destiny.

ZTP => Zero-Trace-Privacy

VIII. Freedom / Who needs a hard disk drive when you have RAM-Memory

Note: HD=Hard Disk, RAM=Random Acces Memory

  • HD Storage => Persistent / ZTPRAM-OS => Volatile
  • HD Speed => Yawn / ZTP-RAM-OS => Wauw
  • HD OS => Slooow / ZTPRAM-OS => OMG
  • HD Browser => Slooooooooow / ZTPRAM-OS => Blazing
  • HD History => Always More crap / ZTPRAM-OS => Fresh
  • HD Security => Mediocre / ZTPRAM-OS => 100%
  • HD Privacy => Weak / ZTPRAM-OS => 100%
  • HD Anti-Surveillance => Absent / ZTPRAM-OS => 100%
  • HD Tamperpoof => NO / ZTPRAM-OS => YES
  • HD Virusses => Abundent / ZTP-RAM-OS => Rare


NEVER touches the hard disk… EVER

9OS - Number 9 512


Real-Time Anti-Surveillance Protection through Browser Hardening, Browser Fingerprint Masking and Auto Cleaning Loops, everything Pre-installed and Pre-configured by IT-experts with 10+ Years experience.

9OS - Number 9 Dark Green 512


Blocks Browser Telemetry both at the Network and Application Layer and prevents the buildup of browser session databases.

9OS - Number 9 512


The PRACTICAL advantages of using 9OS-PRO.2021, a fully Pre-installed, Pre-configured Zero-Trace-Privacy RAM-Only OS can be summoned as follows:

9OS-RAM-OS — Powerful Privacy Protection.
9OS-RAM-OS — Leaves NO Traces whatsoever.
9OS-RAM-OS — Ultrafast Ad-Free Internet.
9OS-RAM-OS — Fully Pre-Configured Privoxy Proxy.
9OS-RAM-OS — Fully Pre-Configured DNSMasQ.
9OS-RAM-OS — Fully Pre-Configured VPN-access.
9OS-RAM-OS — 8000+ Websites INSTANTLY Rendered.
9OS-RAM-OS — 4.000.000+ Internet Threat Protection.
9OS-RAM-OS — Powerful Anti-Surveillance OS.
9OS-RAM-OS — 100% Tamper-proof (SSS) OS.
9OS-RAM-OS — Dual-Layer Firewal Protection.
9OS-RAM-OS — Always a Fresh Clean OS.
9OS-RAM-OS — Always Fresh Clean Browsers.
9OS-RAM-OS — Always Fresh Clean Applications.
9OS-RAM-OS — Immune to Viruses/Malware.
9OS-RAM-OS — Much less prone to Hardware Failure.
9OS-RAM-OS — Offers 100% Mobility.
9OS-RAM-OS — Identical OS on all Your Hardware.
9OS-RAM-OS — Works on a Large Variety of Hardware.
9OS-RAM-OS — 100% Dynamic Application Environment.
9OS-RAM-OS — Makes Everything MUCH FASTER (RAM-OS).

and last but not least,


9OS-PRO.2021 Advanced Security and Privacy Features give you a strong TACTICAL Advantage with regards to Future Societal Interactions, when compared to the online behavior of fools who believe the world exists only to serve their needs, and a superior STRATEGICAL Edge in dealing with the Detrimental Impact of a Societal Order Increasingly Governed by AI, Secretive Algorithms and Mass-Surveillance.


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the subliminal made Sublime…

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