9OS-LITE.2020, the GLORY of Freedom

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9OS-LITE Powerfull Privacy Protection

9OS-LITE.2020 is the Higly Secure Highly Private Client-ONLY (“standalone”) Version of 9OS.
Blessed with its own OFFLINE-Repository, 9OS-LITE offers the full power of Linux without the need for an internet connection to be present. 9OS-LITE restores your Freedom and Autonomy and makes You the Master of Your own Hardware Domain. Your Privacy and Your Security, are Strongly Protected with 9OS-LITE.

“9OS-LITE.2020 k5.8.10” is a Zero-Trace-Privacy RAM-Only OS with full IPv4 and IPv6 support.

It has dual IPv6-IPv4 preconfigured preactivated firewall profiles, and a desktop based IPv – menu which allows you to quickly and easily switch between an IPv4-ONLY environment and an IPv6-IPv4 side-by-side hybrid environment.

I. Single-Source-Security (SSS)

“9OS-LITE.2020 k5.8.10” embodies a security principle best described as “Single-Source-Security“.

Everything installed as part of the 9OS RAM-Only environment first and foremost exists as a singular precompiled file called “9OS.Liberation.Technology.LITE1.sqfs”. This singular precompiled file has a known checksum which can be checked-verified BEFORE installing 9OS into RAM memory. ANY change whatsoever to the content/syntax of this singular “9OS.Liberation.Technology.LITE1.sqfs” – file, is immediately noticeable/detectable as ANY change whatsoever to the content/syntax of this singular “9OS.Liberation.Technology.LITE1.sqfs” – file immediately and irrevocably causes the (checksum of the altered) “9OS.Liberation.Technology.LITE1.sqfs” – file to deviate from its original known value, meaning that 9OS is a 100% tamperproof OS (in its original known encapsulated singular sqfs – state).

Imagine a 0-ZERO-trace RAM-Only OS that NOBODY can mess with, loaded into RAM for Extreme Speed and Ultimate Privacy, protected by auto-loaded IPv6-IPv4 Firewall security, 9OS… the subliminal made Sublime.

II. CDO / Cairo-Dock GUI Options 9OS-LITE.2020

CDO / Desktop Overview

CDO / Firewall Options

CDO / Security Options

CDO / Privacy Options

CDO / Browser Profile Options

CDO / Social Options

CDO / Internet Options

CDO / Office Options

CDO / Graphics Options

CDO / MultiMedia Options

III. MDO / Menu Driven Options 9OS-LITE.2020

MDO / Audio Player Menu Options

MDO / Continuous Cleaning Interval Menu Options

MDO / Clean Menu Option Part-I

MDO / Clean Menu Option Part-II

MDO / Display Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Display Menu Options Part-II

MDO / File Explorer Menu Options Part-I

MDO / File Explorer Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Firewall Menu Options

MDO / Eye-of-Mate Menu Options

MDO / Terminal Menu Options

MDO / Video Player Menu Options

MDO / Timesync Menu Options

MDO / Mac Address Menu Options

III. 9OS-LITE.2020 Pre-installed Applications

9OS–LITE.2020 k5.8.10

9OS–LITE.2020 k5.8.10

comes with the following applications Pre-configured and Pre-installed, made available through the GUI – launch platform that is Cairo-Dock:

“9OS–LITE.2020 k5.8.10” comes with the following applications Pre-configured and Pre-installed, made available through the GUI – launch platform that is Cairo-Dock:

  • CleanAll
  • DoubleCommander 9.5 9 (Advanced File and Disk Manager)
  • 4 x preconfigured GUI – driven and Menu – driven IPv6-IPv4 (and IPv4-ONLY) Firewall profiles
  • Portdump
  • CleanRoot
  • Shred_GUI
  • Wireshark 3.3.1 (Network/Packet Sniffer)
  • ChangeMAC
  • Veracrypt 1.23 (Disk Encryption Utility)
  • LITE and STRONG modus Privacy Profiles for Hosts, DNSMasQ and Privoxy
  • Twelve (12) preconfigured browser profiles designed to switch effortlessly between direct (non-proxied) internet, Proxy-based internet and Proxy-TOR based internet, auto-adjusting to the network state being IPv4-ONLY and/or a hybrid IPv6-IPv4 network.
  • TOR 10.0 (with hardened Browser Profile)
  • Brave 1.14 with Optimal Privacy Profile preconfigured, Advanced Browser Fingerprint protection and near-real-time (15 sec interval) Browser Session cleaning.
  • Google Chrome 85.0 with Optimal Privacy Profile preconfigured, Advanced Browser Fingerprint protection and near-real-time (15 sec interval) Browser Session cleaning.
  • Vivaldi 3.3
  • Opera 71.0
  • OBS-studio 26.0.1 (Social Streaming/Broadcast)
  • Franz 5.5.0 (Social Media Manager)
  • Zoom 5.3 (Video Conferencing)
  • Pidgin 2.13.0 (Secure Chat Client)
  • Telegram 2.4.2 (Secure Social Media)
  • Skype (Video Conferencing)
  • Megasync 4.0.2 (Cloud storage)
  • Dropbox 106.4.368 (Cloud storage)
  • Uget 2.2.3 (Internet Downloader)
  • Filezilla 3.50.0 (ftp-client)
  • Gftp 2.0.19 (ftp-client)
  • Click-Radio 0.3.7 (Streaming radio and Youtube downloader)
  • Qbittorent 4.2.5 (peer-2-peer media exchange)
  • Teamviewer 15.9.4 (Remote Control Application)
  • Anydesk 6.0.1 (Remote Control Application)
  • Libre Office (Office Productivity Suite)
  • MasterPDF 4.3.89 (PDF – file format Editor)
  • Osmo 0.4.4 (Social Organizer)
  • Freemind (Mind Mapping Program)
  • Homebank 5.4.3 (Personal Finance Accounting Program)
  • Thunderbird 78.3.2 (Email/Rss/Newsgroups)
  • Slack 4.7.0 (Collaborative Team Environment)
  • Microsoft Teams (Collaborative Team Environment)
  • NixNote (Note taking Application)
  • Gimp (Photo Authoring/Editing Software)
  • Gimp-Plugins (Enhancements to GIMP)
  • ImageMagick (Image Manipulation Tool)
  • XnViewMP 0.96.5 (Catalog/Organize your photos/images etc.)
  • XnConvert 1.85.1 (Image manipulation/conversion tool)
  • Birt 2.1.0 (Image Size Transformation)
  • Graphical Display Size Manager
  • Preconfigured XScreensaver environment (Screensaver Manager)
  • Change Background Manager with 300+ backgrounds (courtesy: www.pixabay.com)
  • Audacious 4.0.5 + Plugins (Audio Player)
  • Deadbeef 1.8.4 (Audio Player)
  • Audacity 2.4.2 (Audio Editor)
  • VLC (Video Player)
  • SMPlayer 20.6.0 + Plugins (Video Player)
  • Mplayer 6.1.4 (video Player)
  • EOM 1.24.1 (Image Viewer)
  • FBReader 0.99.5 (Epub reader)
  • Coolreader (Epub reader)
  • Shotcut 20.09.27 (Video Editor with 4K – support)

The Following Applications are Pre-installed and made available by grouping them into a folder called “MM” (available on the Desktop):

  • Brasero (Disk-burning software)
  • FF Multi Converter (MultiMedia Output Format Converter)
  • Handbrake 1.3.1 (DVD Backup/Rip)
  • IsoMaster 1.3.14 (ISO – editor)
  • MyMencoder (DVD Backup/RIP)
  • Kodi 18.8.1 (Multimedia/TV/Radio)
  • QMPlay2 (Video Player)
  • Qpdfview
  • RipperX (MP3 Audio Ripper)
  • Strawberry (Audio Player/Social Media)
  • Streamripper_GUI (Stream Ripper)
  • Video Downloader (Download Videos from many sites)

The Following Applications are made available via a USB – folder called “/media/PCLinuxOS_201707/AppImages_Just.Click.2.Start”

  • Discord 0.0.12 (Online Game/Audio/Video – Executable AppImage)
  • Element 1.7.8 (Encrypted chat client – Executable AppImage)
  • Tumblr Scraper 1.2.0 (Download Multimedia from Tumblr – Executable AppImage)
  • Clipgrap 3.6.9 (Youtube and Video Downloader – Executable AppImage)
  • Unofficial Desktop Client for Proton Email – Executable AppImage)
  • Encryptpad 5.0 (encrypt text files/data – Executable AppImage)
  • Shadowsocks 3.0.1 (Socks Forwarding Application – Executable AppImage)
  • QR-code-generation-desktop-1.0.27 (Generate QR codes for mobile payments etc. – Executable AppImage)
  • GVim 8.2.1145 (Executable AppImage)

“9OS-LITE 2020 k5.8.10 PnP USB – stick” content screenshot:

Secpursang is a DUTCH based ICT company founded in 2014 and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

KvK-number: 62002201

BTW-id: NL003483715B45


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