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Payment / What Payment-options are available to me in order to purchase 9OS?

Payment Options Available

You have two distinct options available to you for ordering your own hardware copy of 9OS:

  1. Webshop
  2. Email

I. Payment / Information related to Ordering via our Webshop

Important Notice: Our Webshop is ONLY available/accessible to customers who reside within the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. If you find yourself unable to access our Webshop use the Email Procedure as described further down below OR use a VPN-connection to make your IP-address appear as if it originates from within a European Country.

The Following Applies to Ordering Your Own Hardware Copy of 9OS via our Webshop:

  • Via our Webshop, which is the easiest most user-friendly way of ordering your own hardware copy of 9OS. You will receive a conformation email of your purchasing order and we will let you know via Email when the USB-stick is shipped/sent in your direction.

Our Webshop supports the following Payment Methods:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Paypal (nineos@secpursang.nl)
  • You can also Pay using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (When Choosing the PayPal Payment Option).
  • Direct Bank Transfer (Be sure to include the Order Number as provided during the Purchase).

Purchasing (Order) Information processed via our Webshop (WooCommerce) is stored for a period of Twelve (12) Months after which it is Automatically Deleted. The first Thirty (30) Days the Full Purchasing Order Information is Retained within the Webshop Database for Commercial and Legal Reasons.

After thirty days (30 days) Personally Identifiable Information is removed as much as possible without distorting the inner logic of the Webshop environment as such.

After 12 Months What Remains of your purchasing data is Automatically Deleted and Gone Forever.

We do NOT keep online and/or offline copies of your purchasing history whatsoever because we are a Privacy-Aware organisation that takes Your Right to Privacy very serious.

We do NOT use any 3rd-Party website analytics and/or tracking software on our website.

Our Webshop is Secured and Protected by Several Powerful Security Applications and a Quality few men nowadays posses… Grim Determination.

NO information is ever shared with 3rd-Parties, unless we’re forced to do so by means of a Court Order, at which point we will only handover specific information related to the specifics of said aformentioned Court Order.

Note: To Date we have never been ordered and/or forced to handover any data on any of our Customers whatsoever.

II. Payment / Information related to Ordering via Email

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The Following Applies to Ordering Your Own Hardware Copy of 9OS via Email:

You can order your own hardware copy of 9OS via Email using one of the following two Email accounts:

  • nineos@protonmail.com
  • secpursang@protonmail.com

These are Swiss – based encrypted Email accounts making any information you send to us relatively safe from prying eyes (especially if you choose to do so while using your own free Proton email – account).

When ordering your own hardware copy of 9OS via Email (and assuming that you will be paying for your order using one of the Crypto-Currencies as mentioned below) the only thing we require of you is a Valid “Brick-and-Mortar Real-World-Recipient-Address” and a Screenshot (or detailed description) of the Crypto Payment Involved for us to be able to send you the purchased USB-stick(s) in question.

Purchasing (Order) Information processed via Email as sent to nineos@protonmail.com or secpursang@protonmail.com is kept inside the encrypted Swiss mailbox for a Period of sixty (60) Days, for Legal and Commerical Reasons, after which it is deleted. We do NOT keep and/or retain any offline copies of Email Orders processed via these Swiss-based accounts. The only permanent record of these purchases will be the actual Crypto-Currency Payment as stored on the blockchain used.

When ordering via Email you can Pay using one of the following Crypto-Currencies:

Bitcoin Logo - 512
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – bc1qa309fu7uszjzncqujdzw7lswedsrz8dqqg6xus
Bitcoin Cash Logo
  • BitcoinCash (BCH) – qppcxn0tu3xt5hzu3rl3pnj4fcqvs0z02yl9sr6ff2
Litecoin Logo
  • Litecoin (LTC) – LapFfAZ8z6i6siUXuBTSW4JJQjyQigrSFT
Dash Logo
  • Dash (Dash) – XmG88HVPhFmbEDa6DC3Zh8bDQwn776ZbCX
Decred Logo
  • Decred (DCR) – DsgJXh2BuJ76NU7R5FrLp3m7sS8jX4Yj4ft
Ethereum Logo
  • Ethereum (ETH) – 0x36E09EA06B4410f661601001397D01E4B3B95
Ripple XRP logo
  • Ripple (XRP) – rD5z6BMvzkQSWQP1HggEYL5bhtXQJ7uvjx

Download the list of availavable Crypto-Wallets intended for use when purchasing 9OS via Email:

Important Notice: IF (and ONLY IF) you fail to provide us with a Valid “brick-and-mortar” Real-World-Recipient-Address”, hence preventing us from being able to send you the ordered USB-stick(s) in question, said aforementioned failure shall be considered as a legal shortcoming on your behalf with regards to fulfilling your commitment to complete the sending/transferring of the USB-stick(s) from SecPurSang to the Valid “brick-and-mortar” Real-World-Recipient-Address” of the prospective buyer.

Such a Legal shortcoming on your behalf, resulting from a deliberate failure on the side of the purchasing entity, shall result in the immediate termination of the Purchasing Order in question, without the need for SecPurSang to make due upon any prior payment received and/or any services agreed-upon/rendered, be it past, present or future.


Be sure to provide us with a Valid “brick-and-mortar” Real-World-Recipient-Address”, which would constitute the Legal equivalent of any Valid “brick-and-mortar” Real-World-Recipient-Address” that a 3rd-Party Parcel Provider (such as UPC, DPD etc) would understand and know how to find in order to deliver/drop-off the USB-stick(s) in question.

SecPurSang is a DUTCH based ICT – company founded in 2014 and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

KvK-number 62002201

BTW-id: NL003483715B45


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