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9OS-PRO.2021 and 9OS-CORP.2021 ability to seamlessly and effortlessly use RAM-Based Dual Tier 8192 – bits Encrypted SIX(6)-Node Network Chains, further enhanced with a Dual VPN Kill Switch, Application Kill Switch and Auto-Firewalled Network Drop Protection, allows 9OS to offer 100% Zero-Trace-Privacy and 100% Irreversible Unbreakable Anonimity.

Mako the Engineer


  • 8192-Bits Encryption (4096-Bits SSH within 4096-Bits VPN)
  • Dual-Tier Encryption (4096-Bits SSH within 4096-Bits VPN)
  • Triple-Tier Dynamic Transport Layer Security
  • Dual VPN Kill Switch
  • Browser(s)/Network-Application(s) Kill Switch
  • Ten (10) Pre-Configured Dual IPv4-IPv6 Firewall Profiles
  • VPN Server Exit-IP-Randomization
  • Fully Automated 4096-Bits SSH-KeyPair Generation
  • Fully Automated Hourly SSH-Private-Key-Eradication
  • RAM-OS Free Space Monitoring
  • RAM-OS USB Disconnect Protection
  • 9OS Startup Blocks ALL Network-Traffic until VPN is Active
  • 9OS Startup Blocks Network Applications until VPN is Active
  • Blacklist the Entire Internet (Excemption-Based DNS ONLY)



9OS-RAM-OS — Powerful Privacy Protection.
9OS-RAM-OS — Leaves NO Traces whatsoever.
9OS-RAM-OS — Ultra-fast Ad-Free Internet.
9OS-RAM-OS — Fully Pre-Configured Privoxy Proxy.
9OS-RAM-OS — Fully Pre-Configured DNSMasQ.
9OS-RAM-OS — Fully Pre-Configured VPN-access.
9OS-RAM-OS — 8000+ Websites INSTANTLY Rendered.
9OS-RAM-OS — 4.000.000+ Internet Threat Protection.
9OS-RAM-OS — Powerful Anti-Surveillance OS.
9OS-RAM-OS — 100% Tamper-proof (SSS) OS.
9OS-RAM-OS — Dual-Layer Firewall Protection.
9OS-RAM-OS — Always a Fresh Clean OS.
9OS-RAM-OS — Always Fresh Clean Browsers.
9OS-RAM-OS — Always Fresh Clean Applications.
9OS-RAM-OS — Immune to Viruses/Malware.
9OS-RAM-OS — Much less prone to Hardware Failure.
9OS-RAM-OS — Offers 100% Mobility.
9OS-RAM-OS — Identical OS on all Your Hardware.
9OS-RAM-OS — Works on a Large Variety of Hardware.
9OS-RAM-OS — 100% Dynamic Application Environment.
9OS-RAM-OS — Makes everything FASTER (RAM-ONLY).


You can also use 9OS to host Extremely Fast RAM-Based Linux and/or Windows (VMWare Player) Virtual Machines (tested with VMware Player 14.x up until 16.2.x) that run entirely from RAM without leaving a single trace.

Mako The Engineer

(Note: Besides being Traceless these RAM-Based VM’s achieve a Much Faster/Higher Data Throughput than any Disk-based-OS could ever hope to deliver…)

I. How am I protected using 9OS?

Man with Mask

The primary means 9OS uses to Protect/Shield your Offline/Online Behavior is by offering a fully Pre-Installed and Pre-configured RAM-ONLYOS environment, combined with a flawless error-free OFFLINE repository in place, preventing any type of user data from being stored onto the hard-disk and removing any initial annoyance(s) the use of online repositories are know to cause (although rather trivial when compared to “the horror” of Windows Update).

The methodology 9OS uses is both a combination of actively preventing data-accumulation/communication at the Application Layer

Internet-You without 9OS and Lemon|Dog guarding your Internet Traffic:

A combination of cookies, tracking, analytics, surveillance and browser-fingerprinting techniques make it easy to uniquely identify you on the internet, even if you are using a VPN – connection.

while focusing on securing/blocking/controlling the various elements of the OS which cause your Local and Online behavior to become visible in the eyes of 3rd-Party Providers (ads/analytics/surveillance and so on).

Internet-You with 9OS and Lemon|Dog (Our Server Gateway Sentinel) guarding your internet traffic:

9OS-PRO.2021 Clean Cube

9OS Controls, Blocks and Alters (Masks) all elements within the OS and Browser Environment which cause Applications, DNS – queries and/or Network Traffic to become visible in the eyes of 3rd-Party Providers.”

Mako The Engineer

(“Lemon|Dog” — the nickname of our Server Based Syntax Parser and Gateway Sentinel, designed to “lick” your internet traffic clean.)

Lemon Dog
Lemon|Dog… / \ / \ / \ / \ /

Some of the ways in which 9OS Protects Your Privacy and prevents Security Issues:

  • Auto-Changes your MAC-address
  • Auto-Changes your Machine-ID
  • Pre-configured Auto-Firewalling
  • Pre-configured Host-profiles
  • Pre-configured DNSMasQ-Profiles
  • Pre-configured Privoxy-Profiles
  • Pre-configured Browser-Profiles
  • Browser Profile Hardening
  • Browser Fingerprint Masking
  • Browser Session Cleaning
  • Pre-Configured Tor Browser environment
  • Cleaning Loops with Variable Intervals
  • Extensive Cleaning Menu Options
  • Single Click Clean-Em-All
  • Privacy Enhanced Application Profiles
  • OCSP Query Block
  • Browser Telemetry Block
  • Search Engine Tracking Block
  • Social Media Tracking Block
  • Ad Tracking Block
  • 3rd-Party Analytics Block
  • 3rd-Party Surveillance Block
  • 3rd-Party Content Tracking Block

II. Why should I use 9OS?

Powerful Privacy Protection transformed into a Blissful User Experience

The Internet While Using 9OS

Our aim is to improve/enhance your Linux User Experience to a degree that Mate will truly become your Best Mate, a strong, reliable, trustworthy ally that protects/shields/secures YOUR Privacy under all circumstances and elevates the intuitive use of Linux into a Blissful User Experience.

9OS provides this “Blissful User Experience” through offering a vast array of Menu-Driven-Options (MDO), in a manner that anyone can/will understand, namely as a bunch of “pick-and-choose” pre-configured desktop-based menu-options.

One example of such a delightful MDO – component would be the ability to completely control your Display/Laptop Screen through the use of an MDO called “9OS-Display”. Another example would be the MDO called “9OS-Firewall”, which allows you to quickly switch between various Firewall profiles, or the MDO called “9OS-Clean.Loops” which allows you to start a Continual Background Cleaning Loop with an Interval of your own choosing, and the list goes on and on.

Through the extensive use of these MDO – components 9OS literally reduces the Learning Curve of Working with Linux from Months to Minutes, and strongly reduces the initial Irritation/Aggravation that any “Windows-groupie” is destined to experience when switching from Windows to Linux.

Another strong selling point of 9OS, especially for “fallen Windows-Angels”, its the fact that 9OS has a FULLY PRE-CONFIGURED GRAPHICAL USER ENVIRONMENT, meaning that you can start using Linux IMMEDIATELY, without possessing and/or needing any Linux experience/Command-Line Awareness whatsoever.

When looking back at my own user voyage from Windows to Linux and the initial hardship I encountered/endured while trying to move from one Desktop Environment to Another — it took me no less than Five serious attempts before I finally felt comfortable enough to settle with Linux — 9OS could be described as “the OS – environment one would hope to encounter” when switching from Windows-to-Linux.

9OS makes Linux extremely EASY-2-USE while being Very Secure at the same time because everything just works, without the need to understand and/or configure the obvious. All the nitty gritty grinding gruesome stuff — when viewed from a user perspective — has been done/fixed/improved to a degree that allows 9OS to behave in a Pleasant, Intuitive, Secure and Private manner.

Make no mistake, Linux Vast Power and Incredible Versatility, will only become truly visible when diving deep into the syntax of the Command-Line,

but 9OS,

9OS-PRO.2018 Desktop

by offering hundreds of pre-configured command-line options made directly accessible through “pick-and-choose” MDO – components,

while at the same time offering a fully pre-configured Click-and-Play GUI-environment,

reduces the learning curve of Linux to an absolute minimum.

9OS is like Linux on Steroids, an Improved much more Intuitive, much more Powerful User Environment Experience, one that will make you fall in love with Linux the minute you start using it.”

Mako The Engineer

9OS will Improve your Linux User Experience to a degree that your Voyage into the Wonderful World of Linux may be described as one of

“Powerful Privacy Protection, transformed into a Blissful User Experience.”



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