9OS-PRO, The POWER of Freedom

9OS-PRO - Number 9 512

9OS-PRO offers Rock Solid VPN Network Protection

9OS-PRO is the Extremely Secure Extremely Private 8192 bits VPN/SSH Encrypted Client/Server OS version of 9OS.
9OS-PRO is designed to crush any form of 3rd-Party interference with regards to your internet traffic, be it Ads, Tracking, Analytics and/or Surveillance.
Using Pre-configured DNS Profiles, Pre-configured Firewall settings and Pre-configured Browsers, further enhanced by “Lemon|Dog”, our Powerful DNS-Syntax-Parser and Gateway Sentinal, 9OS-PRO knows how to deal with any threat the Internet may throw at you.
9OS-PRO restores your Freedom and Autonomy and makes YOU 100% Master of the Internet.

“9OS-PRO 2018 k4.11.8” is an IPv4-ONLY environment, it does NOT support IPv6 traffic.

Note: Check out the videos under heading VI, VII, VIII and IX of this page

to gain a thorough understanding of how Fast, Efficient, Private and Secure 9OS Really is. These videos will demonstrate the ability of 9OS to move http(s) traffic through a 1-node, 3-node , 4-node and even a 6-node encrypted network with little or no delay, offering an Extremely Secure, Extremely Private Pleasant Relaxed Internet experience.

I. CDO / Cairo-Dock GUI Options 9OS-PRO.2018

Desktop Overview

CDO / Browse Folder Options

CDO / Firewall Options

CDO / Security Options

CDO / VPN Options

CDO / Privacy Options

CDO / Browser Profile Options

CDO / Social Options

CDO / Office Options

CDO / Graphics Options

CDO / Internet Options

CDO / MultiMedia Options

CDO / System Options

II. MDO / Menu Driven Options 9OS-PRO.2018

MDO / Audio Player Menu Options

MDO / Chrome-Browser Privacy Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Chrome-Browser Privacy Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Chrome-Browser Privacy Menu Options Part-III

MDO / Continual Cleaning Interval Menu Options

MDO / Cleaning Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Cleaning Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Display Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Display Menu Options Part-II

MDO / DNSMasQ Menu Options Part-I

MDO / DNSMasQ Menu Options Part-II

MDO / File Explorer Menu Options Part-I

MDO / File Explorer Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Firewall Menu Options

MDO / Eye-of-Mate Menu Options

MDO / Sysmon Menu Options

MDO / Terminal Menu Options

MDO / Terminator Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Terminator Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Image Manipulation Menu Options

MDO / You Create Menu Options

MDO / Epub-Ebooks Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Epub-Ebooks Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Sound Menu Options

MDO / Video Menu Options Part-I

MDO / Video Menu Options Part-II

MDO / Video Player Menu Options

MDO / Quick Launch WBAR Menu LEFT

MDO / Quick Launch WBAR Menu RIGHT

III. 9OS-PRO.2018 Pre-installed Applications

9OS-PRO.2018 k4.11.8

9OS-PRO.2018 k4.11.8

supports the same Pre-installed and Pre-configured Application – set as 9OS-LITE 2018 (visit the 9OS-LITE 2018 screenshots page for a complete list of preinstalled applications). The main differences between 9OS-LITE and 9OS-PRO are:

  • Ten (10) menu-driven firewall profiles covering every security and privacy scenario imaginable.
  • Twelve (12) additional GUI – driven Cairo – dock based System Options.
  • Ten (10) addional menu based System Options.
  • A more advanced, more sophisticated client – side Privacy environment enhanced with Paranoid and Ultra-Paranoid options.
  • The ability to run a Blacklist/Whitelist (Privoxy based) Web Browser environment (b)locking ALL DNS – traffic, allowing only whitelisted DNS – traffic to handpicked websites, based on strict functional necessity.
  • Privoxy enhanced Brave (regular) Internet browing using the TOR – environment as a much faster (non-TOR browser) substite, but with the same triple NODE IP -privacy as regular TOR – browser users enjoy.
  • Sixteen (16) preconfigured hardened browser profiles that use the proxy – environment of the VPN/SSH 9OS Server back-end, allowing for dynamic multi-tier DNS syntax protection at the Application Layer, reducing the (DNS) network capabilities of tracking, ads, analysis and surveillance entities to an absolute minimum.
  • SSH over VPN support. With 9OS-PRO 2018 you can run a VPN-SSH-VPN type of scenario with triple IP – protection and dynamic multi-tier DNS syntax analysis on the 9OS PRO server back-end strongly containing/reducing the (DNS/network) capabilities of your client – browser environment to communicate with detrimental entitities beyond the 9OS – PRO server backend. The VPN-SSH-VPN supports 8192 bits – 4096 bits – 4096 bits encryption meaning that your Internet provider CANNOT snoop on the content of your internet traffic in any way, shape or form.
  • 9OS-PRO 2018 supports `1-node-VPN, 3-node-VPN-SSH-VPN, 4-node-VPN-TOR and 6-node-VPN-SSH-VPN-TOR preconfigured IP – security without the need for additional configuration.
  • Optimized menu-driven single-click installation of Creative apllications/environments. (Ideal for writers, journalists, activists, artists etc.)
  • 300+ aliasses preconfigured.
  • 300+ Menu driven User and Application control options preconfigured.
  • GUI-based menu-driven WBAR (Left and Right) control units for many different aspects of Linux, further strengthening and extending a GUI – driven OS – environment, which emphasizes Privacy, Personal Security and ease-of-use for both experienced and non-experienced users.
  • A custom built grep-awk-sed non-algorythmic RANDOM number generator, nicknamed the “Numbinator”, which can output Random numerical strings of ANY length at a persistent 99,97+% uniqueness rate. Because of its “loopy” nature – the “Numbinator” uses 16 asynchronous simultaneous bash loops – it is capable of causing (and dealing with) “intermittant input timing errors”, these input timing errors being imprecise amd unpredictable in nature, allow for impossible-to-accurately-predict circumstantial randomness (since these loop input timing errors do not rely on code but rather on the circumstances/conditions under which the code is executed) to become part of any numberlist(s) built.
  • Advanced menu-driven Terminator – environment that allows for the quick and easy on-screen display of twenty-two (22) different multi-shell bash configurations (supports up-to-sixteen simultaneous bash shells).
  • 9OS-PRO 2018 uses a localized OFFLINE USB – repo that does NOT require an active internet connection, making 9OS-PRO suitable for the most extreme security scenarios imaginable (further enhanced by 10 preconfigured firewall profiles).
  • VPN – status monitor that automatically activates Firewall – protection and kills off all network traffic IF and WHEN the VPN – connection experiences connectivity issues.

SecPurSang is a DUTCH based ICT company founded in 2014 and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

KvK-number: 62002201

BTW-id: NL003483715B45


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