Survival Requirements

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Hardware Requirements for Human Beings Dreading a Dystopian World

A Dystopian World
A Dystopian World

Table of Contents:

  1. Most people change over time.
  2. The flavors of 9OS
  3. Minimal RAM – memory requirements
  4. Minimal USB stick size requirements
  5. Linux Kernel Version Requirements
  6. Single Source Security Naming Scheme Requirements
  7. 9OS Repo Requirements
  8. 9OS Repo Compatability vs PCLinux Online Repos
  9. 9OS General Requirements
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I. Most people change over time

There must always be room for personal growth, to grant people a second chance to move beyond immature mistakes and selfish jellyfish frolicking.

Privacy means being allowed to make mistakes without the need to constantly explain and/or justify yourself in the eyes of Others.

Privacy allows people to mature without being shackled by all the foolish things they might have done in their past when youthful excuberance and the Arrows of Apollo made them believe that only they were real.


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II. The flavors of 9OS

Image a world where there existed only one food, one taste, one way of experiencing the senses, one way of thinking, one way of doing the same thing over and over again. How boring life would be, and how undeserving the living of their ability to think and choose.


9OS is all about choice, about having a choice.

if you want your online behaviour to be tracked by

Ad and Analytical Entities,

3rd-Party Content Providers,

Browser Telemetry,

and Government Agencies…

if you enjoy being under constant surveillance,

Surveillance - guilty

good for you…

“But it was alright, everything was alright, his struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother”

George Orwell, 1984

but most people — if given a choice — would rather NOT have their Private lives, Private thoughts and Private emotions shared with complete strangers, without their consent and without a thorough understanding of what is being shared and why it is being shared to begin with.

Human Nature is NOT a “feel-good-bubble”, a constant feedback loop of pretty images and happy thoughts.

Life is hard and cruel,

and if you think otherwise it’s probably because you’re still of an age where you are allowed to believe your flesh is immortal, that your mind need not be concerned with having to pay bills, needing to have and hold a job while dealing with the constant nagging of spouse and mortgage, the never-ending concern for the present and future well-being of your children.

Absolute morality is the regulation of conduct in such a way that unneccessary pain and suffering shall not be inflicted.”

Herbert Spencer

Never underestimate the Dark Side of Human Nature that exists beyond the fairytail world of craving constant social approval and/or building your life around who has the most Facebook likes or Youtube followers, never underestimate the Pain and Suffering people are willing to inflict upon oneanother in the name of Ideologies, Beliefs, Social Perogatives and/or Greed, for to do so is at your own detriment.

The Dark Side of life, pain and suffering, are often more real than happy clappy peachy town where most people seem hellbent on wasting their lives.

Perhaps I am naive, but I believe that at this point in history, the greatest danger to our freedom and way of life comes from the reasonable fear of omniscient State powers kept in check by nothing more than policy documents.”

Edward Snowden

The known flavors of 9OS are:

  • 9OS-DIY – The Sour Taste of Do-It-Yourself.
  • 9OS-LITE – The Sassy Taste of Vigilance.
  • 9OS-PRO – The Sweet Taste of Victory.
  • 9OS-CORP – The Art of Speed, Privacy and Mobility Perfected

each with with a specific set of unique requirements.

III. Minimal RAM-Memory requirements

Requirements - RAM Memory
  • 9OS-DIY.2018 => Requires 4GB of RAM.
  • 9OS-LITE.2018 => Requires 8GB of RAM (16GB is preferred).
  • 9OS-PRO.2018 => Requires 8GB of RAM (16GB is preferred).
  • 9OS-LITE.2020 => Requires 8GB of RAM (16GB is preferred).
  • 9OS-PRO.2021 => Requires 16GB of RAM (32GB is preferred).
  • 9OS-CORP.2021 => Requires 16GB of RAM (32GB is preferred).

Note: There exists NO practical advantage (performance wise) of exceeding the preferred RAM – memory requirements of 32GB of Physical RAM, it just means that the volatile RAM-drive on which 9OS stores/saves stuff will have more space available to do so.

9OS has 0-ZERO interest in what you do,

9OS offers 100% Privacy

it neither uses telemetry nor uses any type of spyware, data-collection, logging and so on, we simply do NOT CARE AT ALL about your activities, your business is your business and will stay your business when using 9OS.

9OS - Number 9 512

Note: 9OS uses the “/home/guest/Documents” – folder for all its status/activity – updates. Anything and everything stored in the “/home/guest/Documents” – directory is completely destroyed/erased when you reboot and/or power off your system. NOTHING WHATSOEVER stored in “home/guest/Documents” (or any other directory for that matter) is ever communicated to anyone, these files exist in this directory for the sole purpose of 9OS being able to perform/maintain its own internalized localized operational logic.

IV. Minimal USB Stick Size Requirements

Requirements - USB stick size
  • 9OS-DIY 2018 => Requires a 16GB USB – Stick
  • 9OS-LITE 2018 => Requires a 64GB USB – Stick
  • 9OS-PRO 2018 => Requires a 64GB USB – Stick
  • 9OS-LITE 2020 => Requires a 64GB USB – Stick
  • 9OS-LITE 2021 => Requires a 64GB USB – Stick
  • 9OS-PRO 2021 => Requires a 64GB USB – Stick
  • 9OS-CORP 2021 => Requires a 128GB USB – Stick

V. Linux Kernel Version Requirements

  • 9OS 2018 requires the use of Linux Kernel 4.11.8
  • 9OS 2020 requires the use of Linux Kernel 5.8.10
  • 9OS 2021 requires the use of Linux Kernel 5.9.16

VI. Single-Source-Security (SSS) Naming Scheme requirements

  • 9OS-DIY.2018 => “9OS.Liberation.Technology.DIY0.sqfs”
  • 9OS-LITE.2018 => “9OS.Liberation.Technology.LITE0.sqfs
  • 9OS-PRO.2018 => “9OS.Liberation.Technology.PRO0.sqfs”
  • 9OS-LITE.2020 => “9OS.Liberation.Technology.LITE1.sqfs”
  • 9OS-PRO.2020 => “9OS.Liberation.Technology.PRO1.sqfs”
  • 9OS-PRO.2021 => 9OS.Liberation.Technology_k5.9.16_PRO1.sqfs
  • 9OS-CORP.2021 => 9OS.Liberation.Technology_k5.9.16_PRO1.sqfs

VII. 9OS Repo Requirements

  • 9OS-DIY.2018 => Requires the use of “”
  • 9OS-LITE.2018 => Uses an OFFLINE USB Repo (
  • 9OS-PRO.2018 => Uses an OFFLINE USB Repo (
  • 9OS-LITE.2020 => Uses an OFFLINE USB Repo (
  • 9OS-PRO.2021 => Uses an OFFLINE USB Repo ( Dated May-6th-2021
  • 9OS-CORP.2021 => Uses an OFFLINE USB Repo ( Dated June-7th-2021

VIII. 9OS Repo Compatibility vs PCLinuxOS repos

  • 9OS-DIY 2018 => Only compatible with “”
  • 9OS-LITE 2018 => Compatible with local USB-repo and “”
  • 9OS-PRO 2018 => Compatible with local USB-repo and “”
  • 9OS 2020 => Compatible with local USB-repo ONLY.
  • 9OS-PRO.2021 => Compatible with Local USB-Repo and Online PCLinuxOS repos.
  • 9OS-CORP.2021 => Compatible with Local USB-Repo and Online PCLinuxOS repos.

IX. 9OS General Requirements

Because of its RAM-only nature the following requirements must be met for 9OS to function as intented:

  • The 9OS-PRO.2021 64GB USB-stick uses a (single) Linux EXT4 – partition named “PCLinuxOS_201707”.
  • The 9OS-CORP.2021 128GB USB-stick consists of a 64GB Linux EXT4 – partition named “PCLinuxOS_201707”, a 56GB Linux EXT4 – partition called “USBREPO”, and an 8GB FAT32 – partition called “USBEXCHANGE”.
  • In case you’re interested, the “201707” – part represents the start date of the project.
  • 9OS requires a bootable USB port. IF it CANNOT boot from USB it CANNOT load itself into RAM, so the BIOS of the device you plan to use it on MUST support booting from USB.
  • 9OS uses a single precompiled checksummed file called “9OS.Liberation.Technology.DIY/LITE/PRO[x].sqfs” (without the “”), this Single-Source-Security (SSS) – file contains everything it needs.
  • 9OS divides the available physical RAM it encounters during its boot process into two distinctly seperate entities: a volatile non-persistent RAM-drive to use for storing necessary data, and the remaining half of the available RAM it will treat as available RAM-memory the way an ordinary OS would do (The difference being that 9OS is MUCH faster because the 9OS “harddisk” only resides in RAM).
  • 9OS loads the content of “9OS.Liberation.Technology.DIY/LITE/PRO[x].sqfs” onto the RAM-drive and places everything it has to offer under the following directory path “/home/guest/bin”.
  • The “9OS PnP USB-stick” may contain either a LITE – version or a PRO – version of 9OS, depending on which USB – stick you purchased, and will contain files and a local USB – repository pertaining to 9OS 2018 (k4.11.8) or 9OS 2020 (k5.8.10) or 9OS 2021 (k5.9.16).
  • The installation-script that is supplied with the “9OS PnP USB Stick” uses the content of “/home/guest/bin” to build the RAM – Only OS environment. Once the script is finished (this will take approximately six and a half minutes to complete) you can eject/remove the USB – stick (it will give a warning but this can be safely ignored). WARNING: 9OS-PRO.2021 and 9OS-CORP.2021 both create/use a Symbolic Link to the “/home/guest/bin” – directory located on the USB-drive AFTER completing the initial (six and a half minutes) RAM-OS-installation to Reclaim/Increase available Free Space on the RAM-drive, therefore you are advised NOT to remove the USB-drive IF and WHEN using 9OS-PRO.2021 or 9OS-CORP.2021 (although it is technically possible to do so).
  • 9OS builds a NEW FRESH copy of itself into RAM – memory every time it’s (re)started (“booted from USB”). All data resides on a volatile NON-persistent RAM-drive which is completely destroyed once the system is rebooted and/or the hardware is powered off. Hence 9OS is a 0-ZERO-TRACE-OS in the truest sense of the word: a) It NEVER touches and/or stores anything on the hard disk in any way shape or form, AND b) It start as a fresh new copy of itself every time it is installed into RAM. Hence 9OS it is the ideal OS to counter the lecherous dubious immoral effects of mass-surveillance because it keeps your hardware/harddisk FREE from any physical and/or historical traces whatsoever.


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