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Rock Solid Security because Freedom needs to be Real…

Mako the Engineer

9OS-PRO.2021 is the latest and Greatest Client OS designed to be part of a Rock-Solid-Network that offers Corporate Level Security for Everyday Users who take their Human Dignity and Personal Security as serious as we do.

9OS is built upon the Ethical Belief that Privacy is BOTH a Basic Human Right AND a Basic Democratic NECESSITY.

Below you will find two Videos Demonstrating 9OS-PRO.2021 Powerful Privacy Protection and its unique ability to work with a Dual-Tier 8192-bits Encrypted Tunnel, Further Strengthened by Powerful Built-in Defense Mechanisms that know how to deal with Network/Connection Failures threatening your Privacy and Personal Safety.

Rock Solid Security Demo Video One – 8192-Bits Dual-Tier Encryption:

Rock Solid Security Demo Video TWO – 8192-Bits Dual-Tier Defense Mechanism to deal with a Dropped VPN-connection:

Democracy can only Survive and Prosper IF and WHEN Personal Freedom and Personal Privacy are PROTECTED

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Peer-2-Peer Blockchain Technology,

Untampered Strong Encryption,


Reason and Common Sense

are proven Historical Foundations upon which a Society can be built that strives towards Improving the Human Condition in a Manner which is beneficary to most.

9OS-PRO.2021 is a

Zero-Trace-Privacy OS

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that strives towards Improving the Human Condition in a Manner which is beneficary to most, it is Designed to Protect and Secure Your Human Dignity and Human Individuality in a Manner which is diametrically opposed to Mass-Surveillance. It stores NOTHING, and it does NOT want to know anything about You, because Democracy, Human Dignity and Human Individuality can only exist and prosper IF and WHEN Personal Security and Personal Privacy are Protected and P-R-E-S-E-N-T.

Those who believe in Mass-Surveillance attempt to present You, the Human Individual, with a “fait accompli”, namely that You, as a Human Individual, have no Privacy because there exists “No Privacy”.

The Philosophical (and Moral) Problem with such a fait accompli “No Privacy” – approach is that it exists as a Political, Societal and/or Economic Design — DRIVEN BY HUMAN DESIRE — rather than Technical Necessecity:

Freedom-of-Information Requires a Moral and Social Methodology driven by Proportionality, Common Sense and Proficiency.

Zero-Trace-Privacy is one of the most important means and methodologies by which Human Individuals can protect themselves against Mass Surveillance.


Libera te Tutemet…

(You, Free Yourself…)

I. Rock Solid Security / How am I protected using 9OS?

Man with Mask

9OS-PRO.2021 consists of a RAM-based Zero-Trace-Privacy-OS and a Triple-Tier-Concentric Server Backend:

  • The initial First-Concentric-Ring (the entry point) of the Network Consists of a Limited Number of Heavily Firewalled Certificate Based OpenVPN – Servers which are immune to Brute-Force Attacks because they do NOT use Passwords.
  • The Secundary-Concentric-Ring of the Network Consists of Heavily Firewalled SSH-servers which only accept Traffic Originating from the Openvpn Server IP-addresses, making then immune to Internet Based Attacks and/or Manual Interference by 3rd-Party Operators.
  • The Third-Concentric-Ring Consists of Firewalled VPN-Servers that only accept traffic originating from the SSH-Servers and only allow outgoing-network-traffic to a Limited Number of Known Trusted Exit Nodes.
  • Both the Zero-Trace-Privacy-Client-OS and the Third-Concentric-Ring Server Backend VPN Servers DROP all Network Traffic IMMEDIATELY if-and-when the VPN Connection becomes unavailable guaranteeing 100% Secure Encryption (within the Framework of the Concentric Rings).
  • The Third-Concentric-Ring VPN – Servers RANDOMIZE their Exit Point IP’s every 60 Minutes using a list of available IP’s to choose from.
  • The First-Concentric-Ring has no knowledge/awareness of the Third-Concentric-Ring whatsoever.
  • The Third-Concentric-Ring has no knowledge/awareness of the First-Concentric-Ring whatsoever.

Internet-You without 9OS and Lemon|Dog guarding your Internet Traffic:

A combination of cookies, tracking, analytics, surveillance and browser-fingerprinting techniques make it easy to uniquely identify you on the internet, even if you are using a VPN – connection.

while focusing on securing/blocking/controlling the various elements of the OS which cause your Local and Online behavior to become visible in the eyes of 3rd-Party Providers (ads/analytics/surveillance and so on).

Internet-You with 9OS and Lemon|Dog guarding your internet traffic:

9OS-PRO.2021 Clean Cube

9OS Controls, Blocks and Alters (Masks) all elements within the OS and Browser Environment which cause Applications, DNS – queries and/or Network Traffic to become visible in the eyes of 3rd-Party Providers.

Some of the ways in which 9OS Protects Your Privacy and prevents Security Issues:

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  • Auto-Changes your MAC-address
  • Auto-Changes your Machine-ID
  • Pre-configured Auto-Firewalling
  • Pre-configured Host-profiles
  • Pre-configured DNSMasQ-Profiles
  • Pre-configured Privoxy-Profiles
  • Pre-configured Browser-Profiles
  • Browser Profile Hardening
  • Browser Fingerprint Masking
  • Browser Session Cleaning
  • Pre-Configured Tor Browser environment
  • Cleaning Loops with Variable Intervals
  • Extensive Cleaning Menu Options
  • Single Click Clean-Em-All
  • Privacy Enhanced Application Profiles
  • OCSP Query Block
  • Browser Telemetry Block
  • Search Engine Tracking Block
  • Social Media Tracking Block
  • Ad Tracking Block
  • 3rd-Party Analytics Block
  • 3rd-Party Surveillance Block
  • 3rd-Party Content Tracking Block
  • Capable of Using 8192-Bits Encryption
  • Dual-Tier Encryption (4096-Bits SSH within 4096-Bits VPN)
  • Triple-Tier Dynamic Transport Layer Security
  • Dual VPN Kill Switch (two and five second VPN-monitoring)
  • VPN Server Exit-IP-Randomization
  • Fully Automated 4096-Bits SSH-KeyPair Generation
  • Fully Automated Hourly SSH-Private-Key-Eradication
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because Freedom needs to be REAL