“9OS-PRO.2021 Spirit of Freedom PnP VPN USB–stick”


9OS-PRO.2021 Spirit of Freedom is a RAM-ONLY-OS, developed with the Aim of offering 100% PRIVACY.

Important Notice: For NOW the “9OS Spirit.of.Freedom Plug-and-Play VPN ZTP USB-stick” is ONLY AVAILABLE for Citizens of the European Union.



9OS-PRO.2021 — Powerful Privacy Protection.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Leaves NO Traces whatsoever.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Ultrafast Ad-Free Internet.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Fully Pre-Configured Privoxy Proxy.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Fully Pre-Configured DNSMasQ.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Fully Pre-Configured VPN-access.
9OS-PRO.2021 — 8000+ Websites INSTANTLY Rendered.
9OS-PRO.2021 — 4.000.000+ Internet Threat Protection.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Powerful Anti-Surveillance OS.
9OS-PRO.2021 — 100% Tamper-proof (SSS) OS.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Dual-Layer Firewal Protection.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Always a Fresh Clean OS.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Immune to Viruses/Malware.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Offers 100% Mobility.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Works on a Large Variety of Hardware.
9OS-PRO.2021 — 100% Dynamic Application Environment.
9OS-PRO.2021 — Makes everything FASTER (RAM-ONLY).


Using an Extremely Powerful Multi-Tier DNS-Shield that guards your Network-traffic (and therefore your HTTP(s)-traffic), both at the Network and Application Layer, 9OS-PRO.2021 is capable of Reducing Tracking, Ads, 3rd-Party Analysis and Surveillance to Almost Zero (0), restoring Your Privacy and Personal Security in a manner no other Operating System could possibly hope to achieve.

Using 5-Tier Deep Static DNS Imprint Files called H.O.M (Hosts Offline Modus) 9OS-PRO.2021 is capable of Rendering more than 8000+ Mainstream Websites  INSTANTLY, turning the (imprinted part of the) Internet into an INSTANT browsing experience.

  • Capable of Displaying/Browsing Websites INSTANTLY.
  • Hosts.Offline.Modus 8000+ Websites OFFLINE-DNS-Resolve.

9OS-PRO.2021 offers Three (3) different Internet Security Models:

  1. Local NON-proxied Internet
  2. VPN based Proxied Internet
  3. Privoxy-TOR based Internet

Option 1 and 3 both work Locally (with or without an Active VPN Connection), meaning that they can be used both locally and/or with any VPN – provider, option 2 requires a VPN – subscription to SecPurSang’s Uniquely Powerfull VPN Backend Server Network.

The Rock Solid “9OS-PRO.2021 Plug-and-Play VPN ZTP USB-stick”, culminating in “9OS.Liberation.Technology_k5.9.16_PRO1.sqfs” Single-Source-Security (SSS) is a ZTP Ultra-fast Ultra-Private Ultra-Secure RAM-ONLY Client OS Pre-installed and Pre-configured with a 1-Year VPN Subscription to our 9OS-PRO Server Backend included.

The Rock Solid “9OS-PRO.2021 Plug-and-Play VPN ZTP USB-stick” will protect your Privacy

before connecting to the internet:

  • Auto-changes your MAC-address before initiating any network connection.
  • Auto-Firewalls your OS.
  • Auto-Secures your LOCAL DNS traffic/environment.

During your connection with the Internet:

  • Browser Profile Hardening.
  • Browser Fingerprint Masking.
  • Browser Session Cleaning while Browsing.
  • Continual Auto-Cleaning Loops with various available intervals.
  • Auto-Secures your DNS-environment.
  • Auto-blocks Browser and Software telemetry both at the Network and Application layer.
  • Auto-blocks 3rd-Party Behavioral Analysis both at the Network and Application layer.
  • Auto-blocks Ads and Malware both at the Network and Application layer.
  • Auto-blocks Surveillance and Tracking both at the Network and Application layer.
  • Server Based DNS-syntax pattern matcher autoblocks both known and unknown threats to your privacy/security before anything connects to the internet.
  • UltraParanoid Modus capable of Blacklisting the Entire Internet while only allowing Strictly Necessary Whitelisted DNS-traffic.

After you disconnect from the Internet:

  • Removes prior Browser Profiles before opening new Browser Sessions
  • Disconnects from the Internet and forces the OS into complete silence until you decide to (re)connect to the Internet.

The Rock Solid “9OS-PRO.2021 Plug-and-Play VPN ZTP USB-stick” effectively removes up to 99%+ “garbage overhead” from your internet connection, offering an almost ad-free, malware-free, surveillance-free,  analysis-free MUCH faster and MUCH MORE SECURE Internet than what any ordinary OS and/or Browser environment could hope to offer. It comes with Nine (9)  Pre-configured Browser Profiles, Advanced DNS and Firewall Protection, Paranoid and UltraParanoid Security Options, seventy-plus (70+) GUI – Controlled Applications pre-installed, Full MultiMedia Support in place, hundreds of Menu-Driven Options and Improvements and a vast Alias – file that allows for quick and easy access to 9OS most useful functions.

Browsing the Internet using the “9OS-PRO.2021 Zero-Trace-Privacy PnP USB – stick” is MUCH MORE SECURE than using an ordinary VPN-provider where YOU remain “the weakest link” after you’ve secured your network connection.

9OS-PRO.2021 guards and protects your online behaviour from the second you power on your device until the second you power it off. Because of its RAM-ONLY nature and its powerfull Server backend anonymizing capabilities “9OS-PRO.2021 Plug-and-Play VPN ZTP USB-stick” will prevent YOU from being/becoming the weakest link within today’s Surveillance conundrum.

But 9OS-PRO.2021 is much more than Just a Very Secure Private Traceless OS, it has a Unique USB-based FlatPak – environment that combines the Power and Speed of a Volatile RAM-ONLY Based OS with the Persistence of a USB-based Flatpak Application Environment, placing the FULL POWER of Distribution-Independant-Applications at Your Fingertips.

Another Very Cool Feature of 9OS-PRO.2021 is that it has a META-Menu called “9OS-EndBoss”, that allows you to seamlessy manouver through hundreds of Pre-Programmed Menu-Driven-Options (MDO) from a Single-Source-Menu.

9OS-PRO.2021 ships with a Pre-Configured (Privoxy) Proxy that can be used to Safely and Privately Route all your LAN-Network traffic through our Encrypted Privacy Enhanced Server Backend.

Just plug the “9OS-PRO 2021 Plug-and-Play VPN ZTP USB-stick” into your hardware, reboot and/or power on the hardware, boot from USB and execute the install script called “9OS.2021.PRO.VPN_OFFLINE-REPO_k5.9.16.sh” and within minutes you will find yourself elevated from an ordinary foot soldier to a powerful, well armored and well protected Cyber Knight.

For extended product functionality information please visit the link below:

9OS-PRO.2021, the Spirit of Freedom